#CommutingSucks - National work from home day

Posted 20 May 2016 by Helen Christie

With the commute being a daily source of misery for many people, it is unsurprising that more and more people are looking for ways to cut their commute altogether.

With advances in technology, working from home is an option that more organisations are offering, with many people accepting.

According to a report by Lancaster University, flexible working will be integrated in up to 70% of organisations by 2020. The Higher Education Statistics Agency stated that last year, 52,000 undergraduates had already started running their own businesses before leaving university, with many choosing to launch their start-ups from home.

Carl Tschudin, a freelance photographer based in London has created the ideal live/work situation envied by many. Last year, Carl bought a three-bedroom townhouse at Notting Hill Sales’ Camberwell development, Camberwell Fields. With his flexible work schedule, it was important to Carl to buy a property that maximised space allowing him to set up his own studio from home. Camberwell Fields’ light and airy townhouses have created the perfect backdrop for Carl’s new workplace. He has transformed his third bedroom into a picture perfect studio allowing him the flexibility and convenience of working from home. Carl comments: “I was looking to move from Kent into London as I was finding the regular commute increasingly difficult and wanted to be readily available for a job at a moment’s notice.”

Find out more about Camberwell Fields from Notting Hill Housing

Matthew and Sarah Stringer were the first residents at Countryside’s Beaulieu Heath. They run their own business and find working from home a breeze: “Another attraction was the outstanding internet connectivity available. Fast, reliable broadband is essential as Sarah works from home throughout the week and I often work late in the evenings to support my US client base.  All the properties at Beaulieu are being built with BT’s ‘Fibre to the Premise’ wiring.”

Blogger and freelance writer, Jessica Soothill moved to a new build home and was able to create the perfect working from home environment. She says: “Gaining a home office when we moved into our new build home has been such a revelation because it has been perfect for my growing business and workload. It has definitely helped me to further develop my blog and my freelance writing career by being able to work separately and creatively.

 “One of the major plus points of our new build development was that it installed super fast broadband for all its new houses, and so we now have a superb connection and I can work efficiently and effectively with no down time!

 “For me, I get my own space to work in, and then when I am finished I can shut the door on it. It also means less distraction from the rest of the home - and I love my commute!”


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