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The Complete Checklist To Finding Your Perfect Family Home

Posted 3 November 2021 by Helen Christie

Andrea Fawell, sales and marketing director of Kebbell, tells us what to look for when choosing your perfect family home...

The perfect family home has to have the potential to adapt to your family’s growing and changing lifestyle and the pandemic has changed many of our priorities. 

Andrea Fawell, sales and marketing director of Kebbell, has put together a handy checklist of things to think about when choosing your perfect family home...


Location is the one thing you can never change about a house whilst the size, layout and many of the key features of a home can in theory be adapted so choose your location with the utmost care. Consider the safety of the neighbourhood by looking at crime rates, and research current and future developments in the area like new schools, hospitals or public transport links. Get a feel for whether the surrounding community is thriving and welcoming.


Draw up a realistic budget with a mortgage advisor and set aside additional money to cover solicitor’s costs, and arrangement, valuations, mortgage booking and surveyor fees. Be realistic about the amount you are borrowing, make sure your monthly payments are feasible and that you are practical about job security. The pandemic affected the finances of so many families.

Children’s ages

Think about your children at all the ages they will be whilst you live in that house. It may be obvious to be within the catchment areas of the good schools in the area and close to amenities but are you near a park for toddlers? Are you close to a bus stop for teenagers who want independence?


Find a property with storage. A home with plenty of storage is vital for a growing family who need somewhere to put away toys and games, coats and shoes, and all the general detritus of daily life. Out of sight, out of mind!

Planning for the future

Consider future planning of the house and whether the size of the property is big enough for a growing family. It is even possible to sometimes get planning permission for a loft conversion or extension before becoming the owner of the house you like. Ask your estate agent about extensions that have happened in the area already.

Natural light

Look for a home filled with natural light because it reduces heating and electric bills and is also proven to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, improve wellbeing and mood and increase focus and energy levels. Good lighting also helps to emphasise paints, floors and accessories, setting the tone for a room.

Heatherfields (Kebbell)

The great outdoors

Choose a property surrounded by the rich outdoors. Families love the footpaths, cycle routes, play park and two beaches within walking distance at Cornelian Fields in Scarborough. These are one of the main draws for them because being able to get out and enjoy nature is something any family member of any age can find joy in and the pandemic taught us this is a must have.

Outdoor space

Find a property with the right garden. The pandemic also showed us the need for our own personal outdoor space. How big does your garden need to be to keep the whole tribe entertained? Do you need space for a veg patch? Are you a keen host and need a patio for the BBQ? Are you a sun worshipper and therefore a south facing garden is a must?

Practical space

Consider that you may need more rooms such as a playroom and the increasingly all important home office. Don’t underestimate the benefits of the more practical rooms such as a utility room or downstairs toilet.


The hassles of not being able to park outside your own home and having to walk from your car to your house with shopping bags or a baby carrier, and friends and family not being able to park easily should not be underestimated. Just bear it in mind if you are moving to a built-up area.


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