Make the most of your show home visit

Posted 20 May 2017 by Ben Salisbury

If you are visiting a show home this summer try and get the most from the visit by preparing questions so you can be sure the property is right for you...

Linden Homes Midlands sales director Clare Phillips offers some tips on how to make the most of your show home visit...

When you’re thinking about buying a brand new home – where better to get your inspiration than a show home?

The jewel in the crown of the development, the show home is the centrepiece and focal point for visitors aspiring to move to a dream property in a chosen location.

And with summer shedding a whole new light on the overall look of a development, flowers in full bloom and surrounding greenery provide an even more attractive backdrop for the show home – adding to its Wow Factor!

With its attention to detail, carefully selected furniture, co-ordinating soft furnishings and accessories, and incredible overall interior design – it is little wonder that the show home provokes such a positive reaction with visitors or potential buyers.

However, if you are serious about purchasing a new home at your chosen development, house builder Linden Homes Midlands has some tips to help you make the most of your visit this summer.

Sales director Clare Phillips says: “It is very easy to get caught up in the splendour of the show home, and buyers imagining themselves in the home without actually making the most of the visit and gaining that all important information they need to make a decision.

“The show home is a wonderful source of inspiration, but if you are serious about buying, it may be worth preparing some questions ahead of your visit to make the most of your time at the development.”

What exactly do you want?

Think about what you are looking for in terms of space and room numbers, driveway or perhaps a garden. Are you willing to compromise on any of your requirements? 

How to use space

Try to evaluate the space and think about how you could use the rooms to suit your family and lifestyle. Could a bedroom be used as home gym or office? How about turning a study into a snug?

Use the expertise

The sales executives are there to help you – giving information not only about the show home but the rest of the development. They will be happy to show you around the show home, pointing out any particular features and guide you through anything that comes as standard with the property. Don’t forget to ask about current prices and any incentives which could help curb the cost of moving.

Evaluate energy costs

Find out as much as you can about the boiler and other systems used, perhaps comparing the cost of running your new home to your existing utility bills. New homes are much more energy efficient that their older counterparts.

Is the property right for all the family?

While care is taken to build in locations with good commuter and community links, think about distance to school and work and what other amenities are existing, or planned, nearby. Does teh location have everything your family needs. Bring the family along to the show home so that children or teenagers can give their opinion on rooms, features etc. It's good to share ideas on how your potential new home will work for everyone.


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