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Home Reach’s Special Scheme For Armed Forces Personnel

Posted 9 September 2021 by Keith Osborne

The Home Reach scheme has special rules to help Armed Forces personnel get on the property ladder...

Housing provider heylo, founder of the Home Reach part buy-part rent homebuyer assistance scheme, recently received a Silver Award from the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme as a result of its commitment to helping Armed Forces personnel to get on the property ladder.

Home Reach is a partnership between heylo and a growing number of housebuilders across England. It is open to would-be buyers who meet the eligibility criteria on selected plots and is a way of purchasing a share of a new build home (usually starting at 50%) and paying a subsidised rent on the remainder, with heylo as the landlord. This provides all the benefits of homeownership but requires a much smaller deposit and mortgage than purchasing outright. Owners can buy further shares as their budget allows, until they own 100%.

heylo has special, flexible rules and criteria on its Armed Forces scheme to maximise how useful it can be, and the organisation has shared some of the most frequent questions it receives about it.

Is this scheme for first-time buyers only?

No, this scheme is open to both first-time buyers and those wanting to get back on or move up the property ladder. If you currently own a home, you will need to ensure this is sold subject to contract at time of reserving and be homeownership free at time of completion.

Can I sublet a room in a part buy-part rent home?

Yes, you can sublet a room through the government rent a room scheme with no need to inform heylo.

Do I have to purchase a home for my needs?

Your home, style and size are based on your affordability.

Do I have to be married or have children to use Home Reach?

No, anyone can use Home Reach as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.

Can I leave the Forces after purchasing with Home Reach?

Yes, however if you have used FHtB [Forces Help to Buy] to contribute to your share, you may need to pay off the outstanding balance.

I currently own a property, but it is not suitable for my family – can I use Home Reach?

Yes, you will need to ensure you meet Home Reach’s eligibility criteria and your current property will need to be sold subject to contract at time of reserving.

I have been posted, can I sublet my property?

If you have been posted, you can sublet your property. You will need to supply heylo with a copy of your posting order/notification along with a period of time you wish to sublet for. You must intend to re-occupy your property upon return of your posting. Please note, this will also need to be agreed with your mortgage lender.

‘Hazel’‘Hazel’ house type at Judith Gardens

Are there any incentives for serving personnel using Home Reach?

For serving personnel, Home Reach offers £500 contribution towards legal fees. To redeem this offer, please ensure this is noted on the reservation form with your chosen builder and a copy of your ID submitted alongside your reservation. Please note, there is no cash alternative available and the £500 will be deducted from your completion statement.

Can I move?

You can move at anytime, selling your home is a straightforward process. You simply contact the Portfolio Team at heylo who will guide you through the process. There will also be additional information about selling in your shared ownership lease.

Can I buy more shares at a later date?

You can increase your share in your property at any time after you complete your initial purchase. This is known as ‘staircasing’. Each time you staircase, you will need to budget for: valuation fee, legal expenses such as solicitors and Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) (if applicable) and mortgage fees.

You will need to obtain a RICS valuation on the property to determine the price, this along with written confirmation that you would like to purchase more of your home needs to be sent to the Portfolio Team at heylo, who will guide you through the next stage of the process.

Are there any other schemes available, not on new builds?

heylo also offer Your Home, a part buy-part rent scheme available on pre-owned homes available with estate agents across England and Wales. For more information on Your Home, please visit www.yourhome.org.uk

‘Rose’ house type‘Rose’ house type at Davington Fields

Who do I contact if I have a problem once I move in?

If you have just moved into the property and are experiencing any snagging issues, you will need to contact the housebuilder. If you experience issues at a later date, contact the Portfolio team who may be able to assist or point you in the right direction.

What is Forces Help to Buy (FHtB)?

FHtB enables Service Personnel to borrow up to half of their annual salary (capped at a maximum of £25,000) and is intended as an advance to assist towards deposit or any legal or estate agent fees. For more information on using FHtB, it’s criteria and repayment models, please refer to JSP 464, Part 1 Chapter 12.

Do I still need to apply and be approved for Help to Buy, if I am using FHtB?

Yes, you will still need to register and be approved by your local Help to Buy agent, to ensure you are eligible for part buy-part rent.

How do I apply for Forces Help to Buy (FHtB)?

You can apply for FHtB on JPA through a self-service application, full instructions for completions are available in the JPA user guide under the section “Applying for pre-approval for FHtB”. In exceptional circumstances, where you don’t have access to JPA, the JPA Form E035 can be used and forwarded to DBS Military Personnel FHtB Section, a minimum of 6 weeks before you are due to complete.

Are there any restrictions when using FHtB with Home Reach?

No, there are no restrictions with using Home Reach in conjunction with FHtB as long as both eligibility criteria’s are satisfied.

How does Forces Help to Buy (FHtB) work with Home Reach?

FHtB works as a deposit for your share, which can either be bought in cash or with a mortgage. You will be paying rent on the remaining share you do not purchase.

Can I use the Future Accommodation Model (FAM) with Home Reach?

If you meet the eligibility criteria set by FAM and Home Reach, you can use FAM to contribute towards your monthly payments of your chosen home (mortgage or rent).

Examples of current developments near Armed Forces bases where Home Reach is available include:

Windrush Place in Witney, Oxfordshire where the two-bedroom ‘Colwell’ house type is available at £140,500 for a 50% share (full market value £281,000) and the three-bedroom ‘Magnolia’ is for sale for £167,500 based on 50% share (full market value £335,000).

Judith Gardens in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire where the three-bedroom ‘Hazel’ is priced from £156,500 for a 50% share (full market price £313,000).

Davington Fields in Faversham, Kent, where the three-bedroom ‘Rose’ house type is priced at £194,998 for a 50% share under Home Reach (full market value £389,995).


Find out more about current Home Reach developments.


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