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Halloween Special: 7 supernatural beings that live in your home

Posted 12 October 2017 by Helen Christie

A WhatHouse? Halloween special, we look at the supernatural beings that could be hiding in your home...

Halloween can be full of surprises, tricks and treats, and while it’s usually people knocking on your door on Halloween, the tricks and treats may well be hiding in your own home.
Tales of household spirits have long been told in folklore in different cultures from all corners of the world, so we thought we’d find out a little more about some mythological creatures that could be sharing your home…

mythical creature akaname.jpg


Where are they from? Japan

Where do they live? Toilets
Treat: Cleans the bathroom
Trick: Terrifying appearance

A Japanese household spirit whose name translated is filth (aka) licker (name). A terrifying looking creature, the Akaname looks like a demon with a human-type body, a goblin-like face and a long tongue with poisonous saliva.

He doesn’t want to scare you, he just wants to keep your toilet clean, so if you can deal with his horrible appearance, he’s a pretty useful spirit to have around! 

Bloody Marymythical creature bloody mary.jpg

Where is she from? English folklore
Where does she live? Mirrors
Treat: She can show the future
Trick: Haunting, some folklore suggests she can curse or steal a soul

One of the most well-known spirits from English folklore, Bloody Mary is a ghost, or spirit who is said to appear in a mirror when her name is called three times.

Historically, women were said to be able to spot their future husband’s face in the mirror, though they may see a skull instead, which is said to show they would die before being able to marry. There are many variations of the legend and this character appears in countless films and TV series.

Sulakmythical creature sulak.jpg

Where are they from? Ancient Babylonia 
Where do they live? Toilets
Treat: None
Trick: Can cause illnesses

From Babylonian tradition, a Sulak is known as the lurker of the bathroom, and this is the one spirit that you do not want to meet. He hides in your toilet, in a place where you are alone and vulnerable.

The Sulak was believed to be responsible for causing strokes and seizures, if bathroom guests did not adhere to his bathroom standards of quiet and modesty. Sulak may take the form of a lion on its hind legs.

Hobs and Browniesmythical creature hobs.jpg

Where are they from? English and Scottish folklore 
Where do they live? Attics and holes in the walls
Treat: Helpful with chores
Trick: They could become nuisances or leave

From English and Scottish folklore, Hobs and Brownies are small household spirits. As far as mythological creatures go, these ones are pretty helpful.

They help out with household chores, but do not like to be seen. Brownies tend to do their work during the night in exchange for small gifts, but if they are mistreated or get offended by their owners, they could leave, or become nuisances. Hobs live either in houses or outdoors, and Brownies tend to live in unused areas of the house, such as in attics, or holes in the walls. 

Domovoimythical creature domovi.jpg

Where are they from? Slavic folklore
Where do they live? Stoves
Treat: Protect your home
Trick: They could become a real irritation 

Protecting your house, and living in your stove is the domovoi. From Slavic folklore, the domovoi is a masculine creature, usually small and bearded. Some traditions believe that the domovoi takes on the appearance of the homeowner.

They usually go about their business unseen, but you may hear strange noises, footsteps and sighs. The domovoi is rarely harmful, but if he becomes angry by the family, he can act in a way similar to a poltergeist (a noisy spirit which can make loud noises and physical disturbances).

Zashiki Warashimythical creature zashiki warashi

Where are they from? Japan 
Where do they live? Living room
Treat: Bring riches and fortune to a household
Trick: Can be mischievous

Appearing a ghost-like young children, zashiki warashi are much-loved house spirits. They often keep elderly couples company, and it is usually only the homeowners who are able to see them.

They are said to bring great fortune and wealth to your household if you have one living there, and they love getting up to mischief and pranks. They love sweets and treats being left out for them.  

Trasgomythical creature trasgo.jpg

Where are they from? Spain 
Where do they live? Kitchens, cellars or attics
Treat: Helps with household chores
Trick: Can break objects and make a mess

Originating from Celtic and Roman mythology and coming from Northern Europe, the trasgo is a domestic goblin. They are small creatures with a naughty streak but they are not evil.  A trasgo will enter the home at night, and if he has been well-treated, he will do some household chores.

However, if he’s in a bad mood, he can be known to break objects, spill water and scare cattle – although the homeowners will always find everything as they left it. If you choose to move to a new home, the trasgo will follow.

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