#TuesdayTips - Get the best price for your house

Posted 25 April 2017 by Ben Salisbury

To get the best price when you put your house up for sale you need to be proactive and maximise every potential selling point for potential buyers

When it comes to selling your house, it’s essential that you get the best price you possibly can. It seems obvious, but many people still make the mistake of thinking that homes sell themselves.

In today’s market, sadly that’s rarely true and everything you can do to improve the appeal of your home will increase your chances of getting a better price.

With a little planning and thought there are lots of things that you can do to ensure you get the best price for your house, including these five essential tips.

1 - Choose your agent carefully

The best way to maximise your profits is to avoid agents who charge a fortune in additional fees and insist on a lengthy lock-in clause. If you don’t think your agent is doing a good enough job at selling your house, you need to have the freedom to change.

Choose an agent who has experience selling the type of property you have in its relevant market; they will have the best knowledge of potential buyers.

Choose a busy agent and one who is a member of the National Association of Estate Agents.

Don’t settle for the first one you find. Get quotes from three or four and then choose the one who offers you the best deal.

Finally, don’t take everything your agent says as gospel, ask for proof and be sure to double check everything they say.

2 - Make your house stand out

It is essential you make your house stand out from the crowd. This means both online and in real life.

Maximise its curb appeal before it goes on the market. Beautify the garden and clean the exterior. If your house is painted, make sure it looks fresh.

Online, it’s all about photography. Make sure your house is shown in its best possible light with high quality photos that will catch potential buyers’ eyes.

Embrace technology, it’s your friend. There are companies out there who can help you create your own 360 degree virtual tour. Something like this is guaranteed to make your house capture people’s imagination and intrigue. Both of which are essential for getting the best price.

3 - Be realistic with your timeframe

If you haven’t had any real interest within a month, it might be time to rethink your strategy. The longer your house sits stagnant on the market, the less you’re likely to get for it.

Listen carefully to advice from your agent and follow it to improve your chances of selling and at the best price. The market can move quickly, and you need to be able to adapt. But don’t drop the price too quickly, not before considering alternative routes to market.

4 - Do your research

It is essential you do your own research. If it’s the best price you want, you need to get involved and you can’t just rely on the agent.

Even if you have the best agent in the world, you need to be aware of what’s going on, don’t just leave them to get on with it.

Research the current market, historic house prices, recent sales prices, nearby amenities and transport links. All of this will affect your price. Thanks to the internet, finding this information out is very easy.

If you know the state of the market, you won’t get caught out, and you’re far less likely to later regret any decisions you make.

5 - Clean up

This is so simple, yet so often overlooked; clean your house before it is viewed by potential buyers. Nothing turns buyers off more than walking into a dirty or messy house.

The kitchen needs to be spotless, the bathroom must be shining. There can’t be damp on the ceilings or half-finished DIY in the living room. The bedrooms must be free from stray knickers and dirty socks and nobody is going to buy a house if they walk in and it smells of cigarette smoke.

Nobody said it was easy. In fact, moving house is widely regarded as one of the most stressful things you can do in life. But the extra effort is always it and small things can make all the difference if you want to sell your house for the best price.

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