Decorating tips to help you sell your home

Posted 4 February 2016 by Helen Christie

Make selling your home as easy as possible by making your home desirable to potential buyers...

Moving house is known to be one of the most stressful time of someone's life. That's why when it comes to selling your house you want it to be as easy and quick as possible, but how do you make your home desirable to others? If you think that this is the million dollar question, it really isn't. Alina Ghost from home and lifestyle blog, The Fairytale Pretty Picture, shares her home decorating tips below to help your home fly off the market.

Store your clutter

Start off by clearing up. We have a tendency to accumulate 'stuff' around the house, especially after many years of living in the one place so it's a good idea to throw away, give away and sell things that we no longer need before even putting the property on the market. Once you've decided what you're keeping get a temporary space to store your items while you’re showing your property to potential owners. It'll give you a much better opportunity to show off the space in your flat, bungalow, house or whatever the property might be!

Light and bright

To make your property look even more spacious throw back all of the curtains and use mirrors to reflect as much natural light into your rooms as possible.  This is really important especially in countries like the UK where sun doesn't make a regular appearance! Not only will your rooms look spacious, light and welcoming but they'll also show the potential buyer your property's potential.

Sell the dream with a neutral base

Now, think about a place that has lots of neutral walls. The reason for this is because it allows for the residents to put their own spin on things without being irritated by colours they may not necessarily like. So if you have colourful walls, have a think about giving those rooms a fresh lick of paint. Make your property a place where anybody can add their personality to and sell their dream living space.

Keep your personality

Even though you've removed the clutter and repainted the walls, you don't want it to look like a showroom. Keep the things you're most proud of - why not put things into view that show off your lifestyle, your interests or items that might strike a conversation about the neighbourhood that the place is in. This makes it more realistic to the buyer who will start seeing themselves living in the place too and might also give them ideas about how they can use the space if they moved in.

Tender love and care

Although this sounds obvious, you'll be surprised at home many people forget about this. Since the owner is moving out they feel like they can't be bothered to clean it and repair the wear and tear. Fight the urge not to care because this might make or break a sale. A potential buyer will lose trust in the property if they think that other parts of the house haven't been looked after either. Why would anyone want to live in a place that's falling apart?

All of the home decorating ideas above can be done on a small budget so definitely consider them when looking to sell your property. They're simple and easy to do, so all you need is some time and effort.


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