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Top Tips For Moving Home With Children

Posted 28 June 2022 by Helen Christie

West Midlands housing association Bromford has shared its top tips for moving home with children…

Housing association Bromford has shared its top tips for safely moving house with children.

Catherine Jarrett, director of sales and marketing at Bromford, says: “Moving home is an incredibly stressful time for both parents and children. At Bromford, we strive to ensure the home moving journey is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, and offer our support from start to finish. We want to help new homeowners make the move in a way that is safe and exciting for their children, and hope that our top tips provide them with some helpful advice.”

Pack your child’s belongings last and unpack them first 

The last thing you’ll want to do when dealing with the stress of moving home is have to search through boxes to find your child’s favourite toy or blanket that’s already been packed away. Packing your child’s belongings last can also help them to stay calm about the move, and not panic that they’re being left behind. Once you get to your new home, set up your child’s bedroom as soon as possible. Immediately having a room to call their own will help children adjust to the change, and provide them with a safe place that feels familiar.

Factor in the emotional impact of moving home 

Moving home can be very emotionally taxing on children, so it’s important for you to remain calm, as children can easily pick up on their parents’ stress and anxiety. Talk to your child about how excited you are and all the positives of the new home, but don’t let them overhear conversations about your worries.

Making the unpacking process as fun as possible will also go a long way in helping children to feel at ease, and ensure they feel a part of the process. Ahead of the move, invite your child to decorate their own moving box and help them to pack their favourite belongings inside, such as special teddy bears and books, that they can keep with them and unpack straight away.

Install stair gates as a priority on moving day 

If you’re moving home with a toddler, ensure stair gates are installed before you begin unpacking, to prevent any accidents. When securing a gate to the wall, place it at least two inches above the floor, make sure it’s not too close to the top stair’s edge and ensure that the door only opens in one direction.

Ask family or friends to help you move 

Asking for help on moving day will not only help you to stay sane, but also keep your child safe from harm. Enlisting a family member or friend to watch your child whilst you’re unpacking allows you to focus on the task at hand, and offers your child with additional security, as having familiar faces visit will soon make the property feel like home.

Child-proof your new home 

When moving to a new home, make sure each room is safe for your child to explore. Cover electrical outlets with child-proof covers, put corner bumpers on the edges of tables and cabinets, and secure bigger pieces of furniture, like wardrobes and dressers, to the walls to avoid them tipping over and causing injuries.


Bromford provides a range of Shared Ownership and outright sale homes across the West Midlands. Shared Ownership gives those who do not currently own a property the chance to secure a new build home with Bromford. Homebuyers pay a mortgage on the share they own and pay rent on the remaining share, meaning a smaller deposit is required.

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