Removals watchdog approved to help resolve disputes

Posted 19 August 2016 by Ben Salisbury

The Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme has been approved to become an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body and can help solve disputes...

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has approved a new ombudsman scheme to become an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body which can resolve disputes arising from complaints.

The Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme has recently been approved and removal companies used by home movers could be a member of a trade body which belongs to the new ombudsman, though it is not compulsory for traders to use an ADR scheme.

It means that people moving home must be given details of an ADR body by removal companies to help resolve complaints if they have been through the removal companies’ customer service process without reaching a satisfactory agreement.

Andy Allen, ADR project leader at the Chartered Trading Standards Institute said: "Moving house can be a stressful enough business, without adding to the stress by feeling that your complaint isn't being listened to. Whilst some moves can go smoothly, the internet is also peppered with horror stories about moves that have gone wrong,

"It's worth taking a pragmatic approach if something isn't quite right, but if you do have a valid complaint and feel that your removals company isn't resolving it to your satisfaction, there is now another avenue for the consumer to go down.

"The reality is that most people don't go to court, so this is an alternative to doing nothing. If the trader does use an ADR, however, he is obliged to let consumers know that he does use one."

ADR aims to offer parties, quicker, cheaper and easier ways to resolve complaints without going to court. To become an approved ADR body where traders can send customers, a company must be audited to prove they meet the regulations’ standards.

If you have a problem with a trader based in an EU country outside the UK, you can call the UK European Consumer Centre on 01268 886690 or visit

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