Fridges for comfort

Posted 5 August 2016 by Helen Christie

Who (or what) do you turn to when you’re feeling down?

According to a new survey commissioned by appliance repair network Go Assist, British women prefer the cold comfort of their fridge and freezer than that of their partner. 

A surprising 25% of females admit to heading straight to their refrigerators when sad, claiming they feel much better comforted by the delicious contents than the support of their significant other. 

The research also revealed that 24% of us open our fridge an average of 10 times a day, while 7% of us open it over 21 times a day.

That may not be so surprising when you consider the United Kingdom is a nation of tea drinkers. Richard Waters, managing director of Go Assist says: “Our Bournemouth office goes through a total of 2,160 pints of milk per year. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of visits to the fridge!”

More interestingly, the same research shows that 27% of women never hold hands with their partner, while 18% do so only once per week. Matching up the data reveals British women touch their fridge door handle at least 49 times more per week than they touch the hands of their lover.

When you think about it, these entertaining revelations are almost obvious. Who was there for you when you first watched Marley & Me and subsequently bawled your eyes out? Who was there for you when your so-called friend didn’t invite you to that outing? Who was there for you when your first crush rejected you? It seems like your fridge will never let you down...


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