Councillors ordered to build thousands of new homes in North Somerset

Posted 28 November 2013 by Keith Osborne

Councillors have been ordered to develop a minimum of 17,130 new homes in North Somerset over the next 13 years at a cost of over £100m after a High Court ruled the authority's housing targets were unlawful.

The council's core strategy plan for new housing development and future proposals is being re-examined after the High Court ruled that the Planning Inspectorate had "failed to give adequate or intelligible reasons" for its decision that the council's original target of 14,000 homes was sufficient to meet demand for housing in the district.

The recommendation to build more new homes has been approved by councillors after a legal challenge was brought about by the University of Bristol, who wanted to build 1,000 new homes in North Somerset - a plan which had no support in the council's strategy.

According to the council's core strategy report, Edge Analytics were commissioned to advise members on the district's housing need. The firm produced a low to high housing-need table with the lowest amount of new homes the council would need to build being 17,130, an average requirement of 19,395 new homes and the highest being 20,220.



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