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Bewley Provides Home To Ukraine Family

Posted 27 May 2022 by Keith Osborne

Bewley Homes has dedicated resources to provide a home for a Ukrainian family fleeing the war...

Hampshire-based Bewley Homes has taken a step which it hopes ‘passes the baton’ to the housebuilding industry by finding a home for a Ukrainian family fleeing the terrible conflict in their own country.

With British people rising to the occasion and offering support and accommodation to many of those finding safety around Europe, the Bewley team realised that one room isn’t enough – families need space. Only a small percentage of the 200,000 rooms registered on the government portal have actually been taken up. That’s why the company decided to provide a house for a Ukraine family.

It wasn’t easy to get a match. Frustrated by the red tape, Bewley found a way of short-circuiting the system and decided to do their own publicity to make things happen.

The story was published by a local paper and read by a Ukrainian-born lady who lives with her English husband and son in Whitchurch, Hampshire. Lesya was desperate to help bring her parents and brother from one of the worst affected cities in the country and was in the process of organising a relative’s visa. It was an ideal match as the Bewley house was in the same village. The stars were aligning.

Her family could have moved in with her but Lesya lives in a small flat so it would have been very cramped.

The housebuilder has now moved Lesya’s family into their home and organised new furniture and everything needed for a tenancy lease, and in the process helped reunite a family who were in crisis. Bewley has agreed to pay all utility bills and council tax while the family live in that property, for which the new residents are very grateful.

Bewley is hoping that their actions might encourage other housebuilders reading this article to do the same and follow their lead.


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