Mortgage bulletin for week commencing Monday 9 June

Posted 9 June 2014 by Keith Osborne

Woolwich Building Society is currently offering a number of fixed-rate re-mortgage products, across a range of loan-to-value (LTV) loans. After the fixed-term, lenders revert to a very competitive variable rate, currently 3.89%. Deals include a two-year fixed-rate at 2.09% at 60% LTV, 2.39% at 75% LTV and 2.65% at 80% LTV. All three products have an application fee of £999.

The West Bromwich Building Society has a two-year fixed-rate at 2.19% at 75% LTV or 2.49% at 80% LTV. Both products revert to a variable rate currently 3.99% thereafter, and carry a booking fee of £199 and completion fee of £200.

NatWest is offering new mortgage customers looking to re-mortgage a rate of 2.35% on its two-year fixed rate at 60% LTV, 2.45% at 70% LTV, 2.99% at 80% LTV and 4.69% at 90% LTV. All deals offer free standard valuations and free legal fees and have a product fee of £995. NatWest's current variable rate after the fixed term is 4%.

Santander for intermediaries is offering a three-year fixed rate for re-mortgagers at 2.29% at 60% LTV, 2.69% at 70% LTV, 3.09% at 75% LTV and 3.44% at 85% LTV. With free valuation and free basic legals up to a property value of £2.5m, and a booking fee of £995, the deals are available until 30 September 2014, and the bank's current standard variable rate is 4.74%.

Post Office has reduced rates on a number of fixed-rate mortgages. The changes to the product range spell particularly good news for first-time buyers, with rates reduced across fee-free 85% and 90% LTV deals. The new rates include 3.89% two-year fixed-rate mortgage at 90% LTV, 4.45% three-year fixed rate at 90% LTV and 3.25% two-year fixed rate at 85% LTV. John Willcock, head of Post Office Mortgages, says: "Post Office provides competitive deals for any customer, whether they are searching for the lowest rates or a minimal arrangement fee."

Current Help to Buy 95% LTV mortgages include a two-year fixed rate from HSBC on loans up to £400,000 at 4.79%, reverting to HSBC's variable rate currently 3.94%. The deal carries a booking fee of £99.

Post Office is offering a two-year fixed-rate Help to Buy at 4.95% or 5.35% fixed for five years at 95% LTV. Both products have no product fee and revert to Post Office's variable rate, currently 4.49% after the fixed term.

Santander has a two-year tracker Help to Buy deal at 4.99% (4.49% above the Bank of England base rate) at 95% LTV, with no product fee, free standard valuation and £250 cashback. The rate reverts to Santander's standard variable rate after the fixed rate period, currently 4.74%, and the deal is available on loans completed before 28 November 2014.

Barclays is offering a 95% LTV three-year fixed-rate Help to Buy loan at 4.99%, reverting to a variable rate currently 4.49%, with no product fee.

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