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Residents In Merseyside Advised On Lockdown Fitness

Posted 14 May 2021 by Keith Osborne

Residents at growing communities across Merseyside are given advice by Barratt Developments and The Fitness Lab...

Barratt Developments, currently working on a number of sites in the region, has teamed up with Merseyside personal trainer and gym The Fitness Lab to help keep local residents moving during the pandemic.

With lockdown increasing the number of inactive adults by over 3.4million, Barratt Homes is encouraging Merseyside residents to stay active whilst working at home and make the most of the countryside on their doorstep at Victoria Mews.

Activity levels had been increasing over the UK until Coronavirus restrictions were introduced in March 2020. Sport England reported that from March to May last year the proportion of the population classed as inactive increased by 7.4%.

Victoria Mews is based on Town Lane is location in a pretty, historic town, on a famously beautiful stretch of coastline in Southport. It offers a range of three-bedroom homes starting from £103,250, thanks to the Home Reach part buy-part rent scheme. Find out more from Barratt Homes.

Victoria MewsVictoria Mews

Barratt Homes’ and The Fitness Lab’s top tips for keeping active:


James, personal trainer at The Fitness Lab, said: “Drinking coffee or tea is fine but a headache or lethargy is often a sign you are dehydrated so drink more water.

“Place a water bottle by your desk - set an alarm for every three hours and finish off what is left and then refill your bottle and repeat. Aim for 2-2.5 litres per day.”

Get moving

James continued: “Have a couple of breaks and if time allows go for a walk, stay away from emails or texts on your walk and listen to an interesting podcast or book.

“This will help with mindfulness and did you know, a 30-minute walk is around 4,000 steps? If you can achieve 10,000 steps a day you are on your way to a fitter life.”


James said: “Swap out the biscuits for healthier options like chopped up fruit and veg which are full of antioxidants, examples of this could be chopped apple, pear or carrot.

“Mixed nuts are also a great snack and will help you feel full and energised - but don’t get carried away, nuts are high in calories so limit your portion to a handful. Better snacking will boost your energy and improve your immune system.”

Device detox

James continued: “It's too easy to pick up your phone and scroll through social media or random news stories so put your phone away, either in a drawer or put it on silent in another room.

“If you simply can't resist, set a timer for five minutes and when that's up put your phone away and crack on with your daily tasks.”

There’s currently an excellent array of properties available from Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes in Merseyside.

Pinewood Park, where Barratt Homes has three-bedroom homes start at £270,995 and David Wilson Homes has three-bedroom houses from £289,680.

Sundial Park, where three- and four-bedroom homes are priced between £237,150 to £349,860.

Pavilion Gardens, where three- and four-bedroom houses are priced from £244,800 to £351,900.


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