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Understanding And Planning For Your Options In Later Life

Posted 25 July 2022 by Keith Osborne

Audley Group has published the results of a survey regarding people's thoughts on care in later life...

Half of UK adults (50%) have no idea what care options are available to them in later life, and nearly two-thirds (65%) admit to pushing the thought to the back of their minds, according to new research from Audley Group.

The survey of over 2,000 UK consumers has also found that of those who are thinking about it, over a fifth (21%) revealed immense stress caused by the lack of housing options available, and for (38%) the thought of moving into a care home would be detrimental to their mental health.

Nick Sanderson, CEO of Audley Group, said: “Care can seem like a scary prospect, but it really doesn’t need to be. Understanding and planning for your options in later life will help curb any anxieties. Consider early on what you are looking for as you get older, and you will find it is not the binary, terrifying option of your own home or a care home, but it could be an integrated retirement community, with care and wellbeing facilities on-site.”

Three-quarters of UK residents (75%) are hoping to stay in their own homes and have professional carers come to them. Yet when made aware of other options, there is significant interest. 39% agreed that they would choose to move into housing with care, should they need care.

Sanderson continued: “Most people don’t want to go into a care home. And it’s that fear that leads to burying their head in the sand. We know that people would prefer to live in their own homes, with care brought in as and when needed. Taking a holistic view of what you want as you get older means looking at lifestyle, health, and wellbeing, and taking steps to control where and how you live. Living in properties that adapt with you, and can give you both a sense of community, and the facilities and support at your fingertips to keep anyone living healthier lives for a longer period of time should be taken into account.”

Mrs Foster, a homeowners at Audley Chalfont, added: “Many people find themselves living alone in large properties after their families have left, in houses more suitable for families; they may also have huge gardens, with the accompanying high up-keep costs.

“I searched for a life where I could keep my independence and the freedom to live as I chose, while at the same time placing myself close to help if and when it might be welcome. I quickly realised that the market offered a great variety of retirement living solutions; there is somewhere to suit everybody.”

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