Zoe Matheson of Wooster & Stock

Posted 6 August 2015

Zoe Matheson, office manager of Wooster & Stock in Sydenham, tells us about her working day as a London estate agent.

Working in south London is absolutely brilliant and it’s rare to be an estate agent in such a thriving and diverse area. Sydenham and Forest Hill are leafy, attractive areas and I’m often working with families who are flocking here for the fantastic schools, many of which have ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted ratings. It’s easy to relate to what buyers are looking for, having moved to the area for exactly the same reason 14 years ago.

After waving goodbye to my husband who works in the city, I head off from our home in Forest Hill (while refereeing a squabble between my two children in the back seat) and reach The Horniman Primary School to drop them off before driving on to the sanity of my Sydenham office.

Before I can catch up with buyers and vendors, I’m in contact with solicitors, mortgage brokers and lenders to get an update on the progress of my current running sales, making sure things go as smoothly as possible. I can then report back to our clients and offer feedback and advice. I always endeavour to maintain a strong rapport with all of my clients, so they are kept in the know of what we are doing to help them sell their house. Plus, it’s a good excuse for a natter!

Having discussed some feedback from a keen buyer I call one of our vendors, who has a property on the market in Sydenham Hill. The viewer was impressed with the expansive views towards the Kent countryside – another example of why families love the area, and we believe it is one of the best views in London!

I then make a quick dash to Fig & Pistachio for one of their amazing freshly made baguettes and get tempted by a cake for my afternoon coffee, before heading over towards Crystal Palace. I have the pleasure of catching up with a vendor who bought on Westwood Hill through Wooster & Stock a few years ago. It’s a real treat being able to revisit the gorgeous Edwardian and Victorian houses to see how the properties change over the years. We south Londoners have a keen eye for style, and I never fail to be amazed by the ingenious way people decorate their homes. Some have magnificent modern extensions with huge doors opening on to impressive gardens (another reason why young families are rushing to the area). It’s no wonder I have so many phone calls from potential buyers!

An area known for its glorious parks, Sydenham and Forest Hill are also currently filling out with delis, grocers, artisan coffee shops and bakeries. It’s great to see how far the area has come having been a ‘local’ for so many years myself.

At the end of the day I head back to the office to tidy up some loose ends before heading to a couple of evening viewings. Afterwards, a well-deserved glass of wine is in order and I steal myself to 161 Kirkdale, a local bar in Sydenham. A small glass later and its back home to the family!

Find out more at www.woosterstock.co.uk ; 020 8613 0060

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