Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of a Compact Living Space

Posted 27 March 2020 by Katie Sakka

The limited space of a small living room may initially pose a challenge, but it opens the door to experiment with plenty of innovative decorating ideas. With the aim to inspire, Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at, shares helpful tips and tricks to make the most out of a compact living space.

1. Create a focal point 

A focal point refers to the most visually interesting feature in the living room. Whether it’s a fireplace or a unique piece of furniture, the focal point should be an eye-catching piece that doubles as a conversation starter when entertaining guests. 

“Score major style points by introducing a feature wall or a bold piece of artwork,” Rebecca suggests. “This is a fun opportunity to introduce a part of your style and personality through decor.”    

“Or, introduce a large mirror as a focal point to create an illusion of space. Place it strategically across a window to reflect light and brighten the room."

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2. Maximise floor space with a sectional sofa

Use a sectional or L-shaped sofa to free up floor space in the living room. “The structural design of the sofa allows it to fit snugly into corners while seating more people than an average sofa,” Rebecca says. “Turn up the sophistication with a handsome leather corner sofa or opt for a contemporary fabric centrepiece that’s equally cosy and inviting.”

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3. Take advantage of lighting 

Make the most of natural lighting to make a small space feel airy, bright and inviting. “Opt for simple, elegant curtains and blinds to let light pour in during the day,” Rebecca advises. “In the evenings, use soft, dim lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere.”

“A well-positioned floor lamp could highlight a bold, statement sofa nicely. Also, consider pendant lights, sconces or even candles for cosy nights.”

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 4. Choose furniture that doubles as storage

When space is a premium, look for furniture that pulls double duty like storage ottomans and footstools.
“This is a clever way to sneak in more seating options while keeping your living room essentials neatly tucked away,” Rebecca explains. “If space and budget permits, look at sideboards and floating shelves to display decorative items or personal treasures.”

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