The perfect night's sleep

Posted 9 May 2016 by Richenda Oldham

Looking to get set for a good night's sleep? WhatHouse? looks at how to transform a bedroom into a haven of luxury and serenity...

Teenagers have got it right, staying in bed until midday or even longer, ignoring their mothers' entreaties to get up. They demonstrate perfectly how, for them, their bedroom is an inner sanctum, somewhere to hole up, eat pizza (in bed), play music (in bed) or chat to friends on social media (still in bed).

Adults, too, are catching on to this, as without doubt the bedroom has become something of a boudoir (a term used to describe a beautifully decorated woman's room used for sleeping, dressing, relaxing and entertaining) with specific areas for specific tasks.

Bedrooms provide us with a sanctuary of calm, and are blissful places to retreat to, not just for a snooze, but also for 'you' time to indulge in reading, daydreaming, meditating or watching TV. But to achieve this state of restful happiness, a bedroom must fulfil certain criteria.

A modern day bedroom sanctuary demands a good quality comfortable bed - the best that you can afford with a decent mattress,  crisp cotton sheets, calm colours, thick soft carpets or rugs for your feet to sink into, and gentle, warm lighting to help you relax. Fill your bedroom with objects that matter to you most and hang a collection of your favourite pictures - nothing beats waking up in the morning to a treasured piece of artwork. If space allows, try creating a seating area in your bedroom, where you can sit and read.

Destress by decluttering

Nothing will destroy your sense of peace than to have a bedroom strewn with clothes, shoes or magazines. Tidy up, put clothes away and if necessary create extra storage by using pretty baskets or boxes to stack away items.

Sense of scents

Avoid artificial scents and use natural essential oils in a diffuser to send soothing aromas through your bedroom. Lavender is well known for aiding sleep, as is Bergamot, Sandalwood and Chamomile.

Colour me neutral

Strident colours will create a jarring note in your boudoir. Choose soft, neutrals colours such as off-whites, fresh whites and pastel shades to enhance the feeling of tranquillity. Add to the sense of space by hanging large mirrors.


It is worth making lighting a priority in a bedroom and to aim to create a relaxing ambience with a gentle glow from different light sources, such as bedside lights and wall lights. Try to avoid bright overhead lights, which will bring a harsh jarring note to the room. Directional light is important, however, for specific tasks, such as reading.


1. Buy the best quality bed that you can afford when creating a luxurious and relaxing bedoom, Sweetpea & Willow Cuthbert bed, £1,195,

2. Decent cotton or linen bedlinen is a must if you want a good night's sleep, Natural Spots bed linen, £75 for a double duvet cover,

3. A dressing table is the perfect place to gather bits and pieces that you don't want in the bathroom, Nellie dressing table, £595,

4. For added impact, you can't beat a stunning headboard. You'll be amazing at the difference it makes to the look of your bedroom, Antique Venetian mirrored bed, £1,299,

5. An ottoman is a good seating choice as it can double up as both a bench type seat and storage, Orianna storage ottoman, £299,


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