Perfect the Art of Entertaining in Your New Home 

Posted 10 July 2019 by Helen Christie

We look at how to create the perfect space for entertaining in your new home…

What better way to celebrate the end of a busy working week than getting together over a few drinks and nibbles in your new home to bring in the weekend in style? A night in with friends can not only be great fun, but also more convenient for everyone and the perfect way to celebrate life in your new home without breaking the bank.

From creating a cosy corner for cool evenings to practical furniture for drinks and evening meals, Angus Ponsford, director at family-run furniture retailer Ponsford Ltd, shares some ideas on perfecting the art of entertaining in your new home…

Let your space flow

Having a space that flows effectively will make it much easier to tailor your home towards your guests’ needs at parties. Whether you’re accommodating extraverted guests who enjoy socialising and walking around, or those who prefer more intimate seating around a table, a space which flows and is interchangeable as a result, will make catering for any kind of guest much simpler.

From installing internal French doors that connect your dining room and living space to opting for an open plan layout throughout the ground floor, creating a single room entity will produce a transitional space that’s incredibly versatile. If this isn’t to your taste, an easy way to make your rooms connect is through matching style, wall colour and flooring in all rooms. Not only will this make your home appear bigger, but it also means you’ll have more space to play with when it comes to accommodating your guests.

Although you may initially think you need a large area to achieve a home that’s ready for entertaining, it’s often the scale that matters more than the size. So, having a space that flows seamlessly from one area to the next, means you can adapt the room accordingly, be that breaking up the area with chairs for intimate gatherings or opening it up to create a larger space for more lively affairs.


Think flexibility and multifunctionality

Entertaining in your new homeBy ensuring your design is flexible, you’ll be able to accommodate a variety of guests, from a large party to small intimate soirées or catching up over a coffee. As interior design trends have progressed, homeowners have increasingly opted for a breakfast area within their kitchens, which includes a relaxing seating area that’s close to the functional area of the home. By combining multiple functions, you can ensure everyone is included in the conversation at your party - helping you to perfect the art of entertaining in your new home.

Flexibility isn’t solely restricted to the structure of your home though. By incorporating moveable furniture pieces you can create a versatile interior design throughout. From a stylish yet practical occasional table that offers the ideal centrepiece for dinner parties and drinks, to a side table that can be tucked away and used to place nibbles on as needed, creating a multifunctional space will mean you can get the most from your home and entertaining space.


Set the mood

From choosing the right lighting and decorative accessories to selecting the perfect party playlist, there are many ways to set the mood for a dinner party - and this is essential for ensuring your party is a success from the moment guests arrive to when the last one leaves.

Even if space isn’t on your side, setting the mood with some low-lit lighting or candles (or both), is a brilliant way to make your home feel that little bit more special. You could create a centrepiece with your lighting to add movement and warmth to the table. Or, if you’re feeling creative, why not use candles in glass jars to add a personal touch to the proceedings? This is great for low budgets and they can be reused time and time again, all while giving your new home an on-trend look.

To add a touch of luxury, opt for accessories in warm colours. Not only will this enhance your inviting centrepiece, but it also allows you to tailor your dinner party towards the seasons. Set the mood further with a bespoke playlist for your gathering that you know your guests will love. And why not wow your guests even more by investing in a built-in speaker system that does every tune justice?

Whether you’re just in the process of planning how you want to decorate your new build or you’ve already moved in, we hope you’ll find plenty of interior design inspiration to personalise your new home and make it the perfect space for entertaining groups of guests for years to come.

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