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IKEA Launch Air Purifying Curtains 

Posted 6 February 2020 by Rory Roberston

The household Swedish homeware brand is introducing indoor air purifying curtains, an industry first...



It's a well know name on UK soil and has been trading since 1943 when it was established by it's founder, the then seventeen year old Ingvar Kamprad. Last year IKEA's press show in central London consisted of a series of interior room sets, each dedicated to a different decade and, with it, the IKEA products from that era. Many were suprised to find themselves going as far back as the 1950s. It's somewhat fitting that the brand who has revolutionised how we consume homeware and introduced us to 'off the shelf' furniture is now the first in the industry to launch air purifying curtains. Whatsmore, they're just £25.00 a pair. 

Air pollution is a global issue, with the World Health Organization (WHO) naming it the single largest environmental health risk. It is estimated that around 90% of people worldwide breathe polluted air, with indoor pollution causing 4.3 million deaths annually. With recent research warning that in some areas, the air quality within the home can be five times worse than outside, IKEA has been developing air cleaning textiles to help people start tackling this issue in an easy and reasonably affordable way.

Developed in collaboration with universities in Europe and Asia as well as IKEA suppliers and innovators, Gunrid curtains offer an affordable solution to clean and purify air through innovative fabric technology. The mineral-based surface treatment breaks down common indoor air pollutants including odours and chemicals from household products, such as formaldehyde, using a unique technology that mimics photocatalyst. The process is activated by both outdoor and indoor light.

Lena Pripp-Kovac, Head of Sustainability at Inter IKEA Group, says “Besides enabling people to breathe better air at home, we hope that our Gunrid curtains will increase people’s awareness of indoor air pollution, inspiring behavioural changes that contribute to a world of clean air. Gunrid is the first product to use the technology, but the development will give us opportunities for future applications on other textiles. We know that there is no single solution to solve air pollution. We work long term for positive change, to enable people to live healthier and more sustainable lives.”

Mauricio Affonso, Product Developer at IKEA Range & Supply, says “For me, it’s important to work on products that solve actual problems and are relevant to people. Textiles are used across homes and by enabling a curtain to purify the air, we are creating an affordable and space-saving air purifying solution that also makes the home more beautiful. Many people know that outdoor air pollution can be a problem, but not many are aware that indoor air can be as bad, or even worse than the outdoor air. That is why we see it as our responsibility to bring awareness to the problems associated with indoor air pollution, this way people can do something about it.”

Gunrid is just one of the many steps IKEA has taken over the past few years to actively reduce air pollutants and become climate positive by 2030. In 2018, IKEA launched the Better Air Now! initiative, aiming to turn rice straw – a rice harvesting residue that is traditionally burned, contributing heavily to air pollution – into a new renewable material source for IKEA products.

Gunrid air purifying curtain will be available in light grey and light pink in IKEA stores and online from February priced at £25.

Find more information about Gunrid at IKEA


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