Bohemian Rhapsody - give your home a Boho finish

Posted 18 April 2016 by Richenda Oldham

An exotic fusion of colour and informal style epitomises the Boho chic look.

One of the most popular interior design style trends on Pinterest currently is the Bohemian look or Boho Chic as it is also known. It's an an eclectic, rather dashing and colourful style that epitomises an unconventional and creative lifestyle choice. It particularly applies to free spirits who lead artistic lives and who like to express their individuality through their surroundings.

Bohemian is most definitely not a look for anyone who enjoys structure and order - it's far too diverse for that. In fact the riot of colour, unconventional style mixes and laissez-faire attitude that accompanies Boho would cause a neutral rule lover to weep in frustration.

The main glorious point of Bohemian is that it actually invites you to break rules and be daring. It's a hugely cathartic style that encourages experimentation. Why not have pink, red and orange side by side? Tattered old textiles? Why bin them when you can hang them on a wall? Mix vintage with modern with reckless abandon.Take objects you cherish out of the cupboard and display them with panache.

There are no do's or don'ts here. Just express your personality as much as possible. But if you are not sure where to begin, here are some loose guidelines to give you a starting steer.


Everything is fair game here. Think layers and contrasting textures to create vibrant, visually exciting effects, using rugs, quilts, crochet coverings and tablecloths, as well as bedspreads, throws, curtains and cushions. Mix manmade materials with naturals such as silks, linens and wool. Use contrasting coloured trims such as fun pom poms on cushions. Got a small, but beautiful fabric remnant? Frame it!


Comfort comes first. This is not about iconic design pieces that no-one wants to sit on. So use big comfortable armchairs and sofas, piled with cushions of course. Drape rich velvet throws edged with fringes or tassels, or fake fur coverings over the backs of chairs. Dining tables can be vintage or made from reclaimed wood. Weathered and paint peeling finishes will all add to the charm. Remember, nothing has to be perfect.


Soft, comforting lighting is a must as you are looking to create a relaxed, inviting atmosphere that will encourage you to chill out and unwind after a hard day's work. Candles, lanterns, fairy lights, single pendants over a dining table and floor lamps can all be used to great effect.


Lots of pictures, whether they are prints or originals, should cover your walls. There is plenty of affordable art around these days. Family photographs can also be spread liberally throughout your home. Finally, do remember that plants play an important part in Bohemian culture, so make sure there is plenty of living greenery around your home.


1. This blue Indonesian inspired wallpaper has been used to create a striking feature wall, setting the tone for the bedding and accessories, wallpaper from the Indo Chic Collection, £29.95 per roll,

2. Set of four Bohemian large bowls, 16cm x 8cm, £35,

3. Hang these pretty silver fairy lights around windows, doorways and in corners to add a magical sparkle, Think Gadgets Grand Maroque silver fairy lights, £30,

4. Pile sofas, chairs and even the floor with plenty of colourful textiles, Handmade Boho Indian elephant cushion by Cucur, £20,

5. Vintage quilts in all colours and patterns can be used as bedcovers, throws, tablecloths or wall hangings, unique vintage Kantha quilts, £85,

6. Floor pillow and poufs are quintessential Boho chic ingredients, photo courtesy of Rock Ribbons and the Design Villa,

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