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L & Q

L&Q is an award-winning housing association and is one of the largest suppliers of Shared Ownership homes across London and the South East. As well as building small and medium sized developments, they are at the forefront of vast regeneration schemes which transform previously neglected areas of London to make a lasting difference to whole communities. As trusted landlords for over 50 years L&Q invests in places for the long term.

Shared Ownership gives you the opportunity to get your foot on the property ladder in London. What’s more, when you buy an L&Q Shared Ownership property you’re surrounded by other homeowners that are just as invested in the local area as you are. 

Owning your own place lets you settle down and feel a part of your community, secure in the knowledge that your home is your own. 


L & Q WhatHouse? Awards

  • 2020 - BEST STARTER HOME SCHEME - Gold award
  • 2019 - BEST STARTER HOME SCHEME - Silver award
  • 2019 - BEST PARTNERSHIP SCHEME - Silver award
  • 2019 - BEST PARTNERSHIP SCHEME - Bronze award
L & Q winning development
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