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No matter how you live, a Kebbell home is for living. It’s simple to say, but not so easy to achieve. Our work starts with looking at everything from our customers’ point of view. What will add convenience, comfort, pride and joy to your life? F...More about Kebbell Development Limited

Call 01302 346 620

At Keepmoat, we’re dedicated to creating great places for you to live, work and play.

Constructing homes – not just houses.
Creating communities – not just buildings.

The Keepmoat way of doing things is plain to see the minute you step into o...More about Keepmoat Homes

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We don’t do identikit boxes crammed into small spaces.
We passionately believe in creating individuality and our developments feature bespoke homes designed specifically for their location.

We also believe in the impo...More about Kingswood Homes

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