New home for a new family thanks to Help to Buy

Posted 6 July 2016 by Helen Christie

A new family are loving life in their brand new home at Sible Hedingham thanks to the government’s Help to Buy scheme...

Aaron and Charlotte Sawyer moved into Bloor Homes’ Earl’s Garden development last year just before their son Albert was born on 7th December.

Buying a new build home was an easy decision for healthcare assistant Charlotte, who didn’t want the stress of having to decorate a house while looking after little Albert, and using the Help to Buy scheme meant they could afford the property far more quickly than they originally thought possible.

“We’re loving being parents and owning our own home,” says Charlotte. “We feel we’ve found the perfect place to bring up our Albert. He’s already growing quickly and trying to pull himself up so he will be up and about soon. We wanted a new build as with me being pregnant at the time, we didn’t want to have to do too much to the property. The thought of having to decorate after moving in filled me with dread!

“Sible Hedingham is such a nice village as well. It’s familiar to us and feels like home - I used to live here while Aaron also has family here. Everything just shouted out to us to come here.”

The couple had been saving up for a deposit on a new home, but they were able to secure it quicker at Earl’s Garden than expected thanks to the Help to Buy scheme.

With Help to Buy, those eligible can purchase a home for just 80% of its full value, comprising a 5% deposit and 75% mortgage. The remaining 20% is provided as an equity loan from the government which is interest-free for five years.

“Bloor were very helpful,” continues Charlotte. “I can’t fault them at all and using the Help to Buy scheme was great.”

The Earl’s Garden Sales Centre at Swan Street, CO9 3PX is open from 10am to 5pm daily.

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