Happy Family Buys Their Dream Home Via Shared Ownership 

Posted 17 September 2020 by Keith Osborne

A family in Kent were able to find a brand new, affordable home via Shared Ownership thanks to Golding Homes...

Cindy and her family of five have just moved into the new Finberry development in Ashford, Kent, thanks to Golding Homes and Shared Ownership.

Cindy and her family were previously living locally in a three-bedroom house, but with three children, this meant a lack of space and two of the children having to share a room. Cindy and her husband even tried sleeping on a pull-out bed in the living room, to allow their kids to have their own rooms, but in the end, this wasn’t practical so they had to find another option.

“We didn’t think Shared Ownership was for us,” explained Cindy. But after Paul found what they described as their dream house up for sale via the ‘part buy-part rent’ scheme, they decided to investigate further. They discovered that their “dream home” was in fact a possibility via Shared Ownership, so after visiting the area and falling in love with it, they started on the route of buying their brand-new home.

It was a difficult few months when the Covid-19 pandemic delayed their move. But Cindy felt the sales team did their best to keep her informed and keep things moving along. “Even in lockdown everyone did as much as they could to make sure we could move in as soon as lockdown finished,” said Cindy. “The sales agents gave advice and guidance all along the way and they were so helpful.”

The family got the keys to their new home in August and Cindy said it felt like a dream. “When we got the keys, we ran in shouting we’ve finally done it, this is our dream house,” she laughed. “It took a few days for it to sink in that this is really our house, this is where we live now. The family have been visiting us already and love it.”

Take a virtual tour of a four-bedroom home at Finberry

The extra space in their four-bedroom home is already making a difference to their lives with the kids and Cindy and Paul all having their own bedrooms now. Cindy has health issues and says she is already noticing an improvement in her health, with less stress and no need to juggle space for the children. “The kids are able to have friends around to play and the kitchen has become a focal point for the household,” she said. “With only a galley kitchen in our last home, we couldn’t all socialise and be together but now cooking has become a family activity. This house has bought us closer together already.”

The Finberry development in Ashford, is due for completion this year, and Golding Homes has taken ownership of 45 two-, three- and four-bed houses and apartments from Crest Nicholson. These are a mixture of affordable rent and Shared Ownership homes.

“It’s wonderful to see what a difference the Shared Ownership scheme can make to a family. Having a decent home with enough space has a big impact on people’s happiness and health, and the help to buy schemes are a fantastic option for people who are unable to access home ownership via the traditional purchasing route,” explained Paula Spain, sales manager at Golding Homes.

When asked what Cindy and her husband thought of the shared ownership scheme that made their new home possible, she said “We’d never have been able to do this without shared ownership. This was the only lifeline for us.”

Find out more about Finberry and Shared Ownership at goldingplaces.co.uk.


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A Guide To Part Buy Part Rent
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You are able to purchase your share in either cash savings or by taking out a mortgage. If you are taking out a mortgage to finance your share, you will need to allow for a minimum of 5% deposit. The larger your deposit (typically 10%) the lower your mortgage repayments are likely to be.

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