Forever Home Thanks to Help to Buy

Posted 2 January 2020 by Helen Christie

After living with parents for several years, a young couple were able to buy a three-bedroom home...

A young couple from Lincoln who spent several years living with their parents to save for their first home were able to jump up several rungs of the property ladder with the Help to Buy scheme.

Alexandra Watkinson, 25, and Sam Turner, 26, say their three-bedroom semi-detached property at Chestnut Homes’ LN6 development, off Westbrooke Road, will give them enough space for years to come.

The Help to Buy scheme enables buyers to access a government-backed equity loan of up to 20% of their new home’s value, with a 5% deposit and a 75% mortgage.

Alexandra, a merchandiser, says: “We knew that buying was going to be the right move for us. It’s not for everyone, but we were lucky enough to be in a situation where we had saved up a lot, and had our parents supporting us through the process. When we were looking to buy, we wanted to push ourselves, we wanted to save until we could purchase a spacious home like the one we are in now. We were looking for a home we could start a family in, and this home is that for us, it’s our forever home.”

The couple met as teenagers and have been together for nearly 10 years. When they decided they wanted to move in together, they decided against renting, instead choosing to stay at home with their parents to save up for their own place. They moved into the development in February last year and are really happy with their new home.

Alexandra continues: “When we were looking to buy a new home, we went around quite a few different developments in and around Lincolnshire. LN6 stood head and shoulders above the rest. The development is quiet, filled with trees and greenery and yet still so close to the city centre, meaning I can still go into town and grab lunch with friends and family. It looks so natural.”

Alexandra concludes: “Help to Buy is a really great scheme and the process ran so smoothly. The staff were absolutely fantastic too! For first-time buyers, buying a new home can be a really daunting experience but the Chestnut Homes staff were open, honest and ready to answer our questions at all times. I think it’s a completely different experience buying with Chestnut Homes compared to the other housebuilders we visited. It’s so personal and they really cared how we were. They really held our hand through the whole process.”

The third phase of the LN6 development in Lincoln is currently under construction, comprising 29 new homes including two- and three-bedroom town houses and two-bedroom apartments.

For more information on the homes available at LN6 visit



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