What are the top 10 sacrifices prospective homeowners make to save a deposit?

Posted 24 February 2015 by Keith Osborne

Despite the relative success of Help to Buy, the prospect of owning a home remains a distant dream for today's 18-34 year olds. The biggest stumbling block is the need to raise a significant deposit to finance the purchase of a home, and a recent survey has highlighted some of the most common steps taken by prospective homebuyers to save the thousands of pounds required to get on to the ladder. Here's the top ten most common sacrifices...

Cutting down on socialising and seeing friends

Going without holidays


Avoiding eating out


Taking on another job or extra shifts at work


Cutting down on essentials


Giving up expensive hobbies


Walking instead of taking the car or public transport


Moving back in with parents


Selling possessions


Putting a wedding on hold 

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