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Home Must-Haves For Modern Brits

Posted 15 December 2021 by Helen Christie

A new nationwide poll has revealed a list of ‘must-have’ features for new homes, according to modern Brits…

High on the list of priorities for Brits aged 35 and under was having a garden big enough for a vegetable patch or greenhouse (23%), space for a home office (31%) and being close to a park or a green space (29%). Hidden storage areas (28%), on-trend walk-in showers (28%) and large hallways (28%) also featured high, along with smart heating systems (26%), and open plan living spaces (25%).

While the study by St. Modwen Homes, found that a quarter would like to buy a home that was near a swanky gym or fitness studio, 18% want a good butcher on their doorstep, 17% would like a farm shop to be nearby, and the same number (17%) say that an artisan bakery in their area is essential.

Other desired local amenities include a good range of great takeaways (41%) and delicious local restaurants (36%). Also to make the list of new home essentials were modern plug sockets with USB ports (23%), spacious walk-in wardrobes (21%),  smart security cameras and doorbells (19%) and hardwood flooring (20%). Meanwhile 17% would like cutting edge spotlights and downlights and 11% insist on floor to ceiling bathroom tiling.

Hilton Wood (St. Modwen Homes)

With all of these elements on the list, it’s no surprise that 58% of the 1,500 homeowners - aged 35 and under - polled admit they think they have much higher standards for their next home than previous generations did.

When it comes to what puts younger Brits off buying a property, 42% hate carpets in the bathroom, 41% can’t stand magnolia painted walls and 36% draw the line at a shower which requires a curtain. 34% think conservatories are outdated, 29% can’t stand mosaic tiling in the kitchen and 23% dislike garden water features.

And despite the long list of ‘must-haves’, 39% would be totally put off buying a property if it required lots of work to make it their own, whilst 44% would like to buy a home that can be personalised before they move in.

So, it’s no surprise that half of those polled (51%) admit they struggled to find exactly what they were looking for when it comes to searching for the perfect home.

Features modern Brits look for in their homes:

  1. En-suite bathroom - 33%
  2. Space for a home office - 31%
  3. Near to a park or green space - 29%
  4. Hidden storage - 28%
  5. Walk in shower - 28%
  6. A large hallway - 28%
  7. Smart heating - 26%
  8. Kitchen island - 26%
  9. Open-plan living space - 25%
  10. A porch - 24%
  11. Plug sockets with USB ports - 23%
  12. A garden big enough for a vegetable patch or greenhouse - 23%
  13. Walk-in wardrobes - 21%
  14. Hardwood flooring - 20%
  15. Smart security cameras and doorbells - 19%
  16. Smart kitchen appliances - 17%
  17. Spotlights and downlights - 17%
  18. Full height bathroom tiling - 16%
  19. Spa style bathroom - 14%
  20. Electric vehicle charging point - 13%

Jo Winston, sales director from St. Modwen Homes, who conducted the research, says: “It’s clear from the study that modern Brits have a lot on their list when it comes to buying the perfect home, from ensuring the home is equipped with the latest technology and innovations such as USB plug sockets and smart heating systems to plush en-suite bathrooms, walk-in showers and wardrobes. Every small detail is considered before committing to a purchase.

“Young homeowners want to move into a home that is modern, stylish and ready to start living in instantly – and most importantly, with little or no DIY improvements to be made.”

The research also discovered 41% of Brits aged 35 and under want to move into a home which feels stylish from the moment they move in - and when viewing properties, four in 10 (41%) know as soon as they walk through the front door whether it’s for them or not.

And 40% believe that the UK is a nation of houseproud Brits, with 44% claiming that younger people today are much more houseproud than any previous generation.


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