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Selling Your Home: How To Get A Quick Sale And What To Avoid

Posted 6 August 2021 by Keith Osborne

We provide some advice on what you need to do for a quick house sale – and what you should avoid...

Many homeowners wish for a fast sale and avoiding chains in case their buyers have to pull out of the deal at short notice.

Housebuyers4u helps you understand what you need to do for a quick sale and what you should avoid.

Housebuying companies

House buying companies usually exist solely online; they use a combination of historical and recent property values and selling prices to provide sellers with a quick offer for their homes. The process can typically be done within 24 hours, and purchases can be completed within seven days. This has resulted in many sellers experiencing a more streamlined process and less stress when selling their homes.

When using a house buying company, it's essential to watch out for 'we buy any' house scams that you may come across. This guide from Housebuyers4u can help you know what to look for and help you avoid fake we buy any house reviews that can trick you into thinking a company is legitimate.

Clear out the clutter

Leave your home looking spacious and clear out any old clutter you no longer need. The extra room will give prospective buyers more of a blank canvas to visualise the space as their own, ultimately encouraging them to buy your property. Any items adding to the clutter that you want to keep can be stored away neatly, ready to follow you to your new home when your house sells.

Once you've cleared the clutter, it's vital to give your property a deep clean so that it can truly look its best during viewings. Add some final touches once you're done by adding a vase of flowers on the dining room table or kitchen countertop.

Fix the stains

Nothing puts a prospective buyer off faster than suspicious stains that could be the cause of a bigger problem, such as damp. Fix any stains you have from the general wear and tear of living in your home before you have any viewings. If your stains are on the walls, a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour is an inexpensive solution that will give your home a crisp new look. Stains on carpets can be problematic, but a proper clean and some stain remover should bring them out and leave your carpets looking brand-new.

Spruce up the garden

Don't leave your garden out when you're fixing up your home for viewings. You don't need to completely overhaul your garden if it's a little neglected, but a tidy up to help buyers see the space's potential will help sell your home faster. Keep the grass short, cut back the hedges and any overhanging trees, and move the bins out of sight to open up the space in your garden.

Clean the windows

Ensuring your windows are clean will bring light into your home as well as improve the overall look of the outside of your home for buyers.


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