Low maintenance benefits of new build homes

Posted 24 December 2016 by Keith Osborne

The low maintenance of new builds is very attractive. Here are some of the low maintenance benefits:

Low maintenance benefits of new build homes

Moving home is a stressful enough experience, and if you add on decorating and renovations it'll be some time (and money) before your "new" home is  completed to your satisfaction. This is why new build homes  are ideal for anyone who wants a fuss-free home.

The low maintenance of new builds is a very attractive point for buyers who want a home that's ready to move into and needs nothing done to it. Another point in favour of these homes is their energy efficiency, a bonus for buyers keen to find green housing and low energy bills. You could save up to 55% on energy bills, which will benefit your wallet and the environment.


Some of the low maintenance benefits are:

Your home is ready to move into

Opting for low-maintenance housing is a popular and sensible approach for anyone wanting to minimise the stress of moving. Some buyers choose a house that needs "fixing up", thinking that they will save money. However, with a renovation project, you can often massively underestimate the costs and effort involved. Central heating can cost up to £5,000, a new kitchen anything upwards of £2,000 plus £1,500 for appliances, and a new bathroom around £3,000 - so you can see how the costs quickly mount up! You may also need to insulate an older house to keep it warm and avoid excessive energy bills.


Moving into a new build offers you a number of guarantees that you won't get with an older home (you can get a survey done on an older home, but that only covers existing problems and any obvious problems that may develop, not what could happen in the future). New builds are covered by a warranty  (eg from NHBC), which offers a structural guarantee of 10 years, with a two-year warranty from the builders and a subsequent eight-year insurance policy to cover major defects.

No decoration needed

Even if a house doesn't require renovations, it will probably need decorating to your tastes. A new build, however, will have tasteful neutral décor that offers a blank canvas and needs nothing fixing in the first few years. It's perfect for first-time buyers with no experience of decorating a home, young families with no time to decorate and renovate, and older couples who want extra space for visiting family but don't want to get up a ladder and paper walls!

Time-saving and stress-free

A new build home will save you a lot of time, as it will require so little doing to it. You can spend your leisure time relaxing instead of moving furniture when you have a new carpet delivered, or papering and painting walls. Nor will you have to deal with the disruption of having a new kitchen or bathroom fitted, and having to do without these essential facilities or find alternative accommodation while the work is being carried out. If you move into a new apartment block, communal areas such as gardens and entrance spaces will be cleaned and maintained.


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