Keep your pets safe and happy when you move home

Posted 26 August 2016 by Helen Christie

Moving home is often cited as a stressful process but the upheaval can also take its toll on four-legged members of the family...

Today is National Dog Day, and so who better to tell us about how to make moving homes for pets easier than a canine companion? (With a little help from housebuilder David Wilson Homes

“Many of our new homes are bought by people with dogs so it seemed like a great idea to ensure they receive a warm welcome to their new home,’’ says David Wilson Homes sales director Michelle Storer.

Update your microchip

​"It's a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped after a new law was brought in in April. When we move home, you need to update my details on the database so you don't get fined." 

Check the garden before you move in

"I'll want to explore and run around, especially if I have a new garden to play in, so make sure there aren't any gaps in the fences I could escape through. If there are, maybe keep me on a lead until the gaps can be fixed."

Create a familiar environment

"I like to have familiar things around me because new environments can be stressful for animals. If the humans can put down my bed and blankets and any of my toys around, it will help me feel more at home - it's good to have familiar smells around me." 

Door security

"I know you'll be running in and out of our new home, so the door might be open or left on the latch for most of the day. It's not that I'm trying to escape, but I like to explore, so make sure you keep an eye on me - or see if a friend can look after me. If you have a cat, they're probably even more of a flight risk than me. If no-one can look after me, maybe keep me in a secure room in the new home. I might not be particularly happy about this, but if you leave me with some food, water and my bed nearby (and preferably the TV or radio on) then I should be fine - just come and give me cuddles every now and again!"

Michelle says: “There is a lot to think about when you move house, particularly if you have pets. However, if you’re prepared and follow some simple steps it’s easy to make moving a stress-free experience for your four-legged companions.”

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