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Posted 7 July 2016 by Helen Christie

WhatHouse? has had a look at some home security systems that can help you keep your house secure, wherever you are…

Home security is an area that has previously been seen to be reserved for those with large, expensive homes, but keeping your home secure has become much more readily available thanks to smart technology.

With its artificial intelligence, Netatmo’s Welcome, the indoor security camera with face recognition recognises the faces it sees and sends the names of identified people to the user’s smartphone. The camera notifies the user exactly who is at home, whether it be their loved ones or a stranger.

Netatmo has announced two new features for Welcome. The first of which is the compatibility of Welcome with Dropbox, making all the files available from any computer, phone or tablet and the Dropbox website. Videos filmed by Welcome are automatically saved on the user’s Dropbox account, providing them with an additional secure and free back-up solution. From their app, the user chooses different settings to automatically record their videos on their Dropbox account, such as the detection of an unknown face or the detection of a movement.

The second new feature is that Netatmo Tags are now available. These are waterproof security sensors for doors and windows, and these Welcome accessories enable the user to be alerted when a movement occurs at a house entrance point, even before an intrusion happens.

Netatmo Tags add an extra layer of security to the house: they alert the user when a door or a window is opened, even before an intrusion occurs. Tags are waterproof and can be installed at the house entrance points – doors, windows, blinds, gates – indoor or outdoor. They detect when a door or a window is moving, shaken or left wide open and send notifications to the user’s smartphone. The user is notified when the front door is open, if the garage one was left half-open or if a burglar tries to force a window. They can also check directly on their Welcome app that all doors and windows are closed. Tags resist UV, rain and wind, and can be placed up to 80m away from the camera. The Tags only work with the Welcome camera.  

Y-cam Solutions, who also create home security systems, have announced Evo, a sleek and compact WiFi, motion-activated HD video camera. The new Y-cam app for both iOS and Android devices can be set up in just a minute, even by non-technical users. Just plug in the camera, download the free Y-cam app and follow the step-by-step instructions. The Y-cam App includes:

  • My Home – view all your cameras on one screen, even those in different properties
  • Watch Live – see and hear HD video in real time, keeping an eye on vulnerable relatives or pets
  • My Videos – all motion-activated videos are organised securely in date order offsite so they can’t be damaged, overwritten or stolen.
  • Favourites – Easily find, watch or download all your saved videos
  • Camera Settings – manage all your camera settings remotely so you can adjust to suit your routine, whether out at work or going away on holiday.
  • Complete Visibility - Evo lets you see and hear what’s happening at your property wherever you are, from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Motion Zones - can be set to suit your needs. Capture any movement in particular areas such as front door or ground floor windows, at any time of day or night.
  • Simple Set-up – Designed to be super easy to set up and use. Just follow the step by step app guide and in minutes your home is protected. 
  • Instant Alerts - Receive instant alerts 24/7 wherever you are whenever motion is detected so you can take immediate action.

Home security is an area that has become much more accessible (and affordable) and can give you peace of mind in your home. 

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