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Making The Most Of Part Exchange In Yorkshire

Posted 23 September 2021 by Keith Osborne

Harron Homes offers advice on its Part Exchange initiative as it hosts a buyer event at The Hawthornes in Carlton...

The Part Exchange scheme is perfect for those who are looking to move to a larger home, but are struggling to find a buyer, or simply want to cut out all the hassle of selling the property independently.

Sam Burns, the expert part exchange manager at Harron Homes Yorkshire, shares her top tips for taking full advantage of the scheme.

1. You'll get full market value for your property

We'll acquire two local independent estate agent valuations to ensure you get a fair price from professionals who know the local area and market influences as they're able to provide a valuation based on their experience and knowledge. These estate agents also provide market evidence and best practice guides to support the valuation of your property.

2. Don't worry if the value is lower than you expected

Sometimes estate agents inflate valuations for a number of reasons. For example, to meet internal targets, or with the intention of lowering the price in a few weeks. You can be sure with our independent valuations that the price we offer is fair.

3. Tidy your house!

The easiest way to increase the value of your house is by de-cluttering. Tidy things away; plump up the cushions and straighten bed linen; make sure there's no washing up in the sink or washing on the radiators; turn the TV off and keep your pets out the way of the camera lens. If you can, move your car off the drive and hide away your wheelie bins. Some people even remove photos and nick-knacks from around the house to depersonalise the property.

4. You won't be rushed

One of the benefits of our Part Exchange scheme is that you can stay in your home until your new home is ready. Nobody will be forcing you to move out. If your mortgage offer expires before your new home is ready you can seek an extension. Some lenders offer month by month extensions, whereas some will offer an extension of up to six months.

The Warkworth‘The Warkworth’ house type

5. Have paperwork ready

There are a number of documents we'll need to sell your property on, so the process will go a lot smoother if you have them to hand. You'll need to provide any warranty information on windows, doors, conservatories, together with planning permission and buildings regulations. You'll also have to do the same for any extensions, garage to room conversions or loft conversions. If your property is leasehold or has a management company interest in it, then you must provide the management pack, at a cost to yourself. You will also need to provide a gas safety certificate and an electrical safety certificate – both of these will need to be dated within the last year.

6. Most purchasers can take advantage of the scheme

Part Exchange isn't just suitable for those looking to move up the property ladder. We can also look at part exchanging a property which is tenanted, provided certain criteria are fulfilled, including that the tenants will allow estate agents in to value the property and viewings to take place.

If you have multiple properties to sell, you can potentially part exchange one, provided the other is 'Sold, Subject to Contract' (SSTC) and you're ready to exchange contracts on both properties at the same time as you exchange contracts on the new home.


Alison Taylor-Shaw, sales and marketing director at Harron Homes Yorkshire, said: “Part exchange is just one of the sales assistance schemes available with Harron Homes.

“Our knowledgeable teams do their best to make purchasing your dream home as simple as possible, so I'd urge anyone interested in a luxury Harron home to get in touch soon for an individual appointment to discuss their needs.”

For more expert information on the scheme visit The Hawthornes, located at Station Road, Carlton, North Yorkshire, DN14 9NS on Thursday 23 September. A team of knowledgeable advisors including part exchange manager Sam, and a financial advisor will be on site until 8.00pm to offer their assistance to anyone considering Part Exchange.

Find out more at www.harronhomes.com.


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