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Get Your House Ready To Sell While You’re On A Budget

Posted 10 November 2023 by Keith Osborne

You’re going to want to give potential buyers all the incentive they need as you plan your move to a brand new home...

Preparing your property for sale requires fixes and improvements maximising buyer appeal and offer prices. The UK property market has been a rollercoaster over the last few years, and that is putting it lightly! You want to make sure that your property is going to stand out to potential buyers and give you the best return on your investment. There’s also the personal element to consider. Everyone is houseproud to some extent, and a low offer can feel like a slap in the face. You’re going to want to give potential buyers all the incentive they need to start bidding.

However, complete renovations strain limited budgets. It’s not easy for most people to dig deep and spend the kind of money you’d need for a massive facelift. With strategic, high-impact frugal improvements instead, you can ready your home to impress buyers without exhaustive upgrades. Here are budget-friendly tips to prepare your property for the market:

Declutter aggressively

Overflowing closets and cluttered surfaces make spaces feel smaller and messier. Potential buyers can’t see past clutter to envision enjoying your home. Sort through each room removing excess furniture, personal items, appliances, and kids’ toys leaving essentials. Every surface should be tidy. You can always look at paying for some storage if you know that it’s only going to be for a short time.

Painting roomGive every room a fresh coat of neutral paint

Nothing updates worn, dated walls like new neutral paint. There’s a reason why rental properties tend to stick to them. Stick with versatile off-white, beige, pale grey, and light taupe tones. Fix any dings or wall damage. Fresh coats make rooms feel clean, bright, and spacious. Hire painters if needed to speedily spruce every room. That brings us to our next suggestion.

You don't have to remodel your kitchen, just repaint

A major kitchen overhaul strains most budgets. But painting cabinets, walls and trims alone often gives this hub an entirely new modern look. Use proper preparation and cabinet paint to avoid chipping or yellowing. Replace cabinet hardware like handles and hinges with metals that match. “Light and bright” attracts buyers. Kitchen spray painting is a great way to bring a freshened new look in without tearing anything out. This is also a great option for anyone who’s not thinking about selling but has become fed up with the way their kitchen looks.

Update lighting and hardware for polish

Clean, contemporary light fixtures and hardware like doorknobs/levers and cabinet pulls make a difference. Check placement guidelines if adding recessed lighting. Stick with satin nickel, chrome, or matte black finishes on visible hardware for mass buyer appeal. Little details add up to impress.

Home loungeStyle simply and avoid clutter

Back to the clutter point! Clutter is about more than stuff. It’s about rooms feeling full. Follow "less is more" principles furnishing each room appropriately but minimally and keeping surfaces clear. Stage rooms for functionality, not just stuffing in furniture aimlessly. Thoughtful styling emphasises spaciousness. Let your quality furnishings and architecture shine rather than knickknacks.

Repair any damage or imperfections

It can often be the little problems that put potential buyers off making an offer. They’ll see a minor issue and assume, correctly or not, that there might be much bigger hazards around if something so small has been missed. Fix cracked floor tiles, warped cabinets, sticking doors, wobbly bannisters, dripping taps, drafts, or any other noticeable defects pre-emptively even if minor. Don’t let buyers’ inspections uncover issues you could camouflage inexpensively beforehand. Smooth seller disclosures ease sales.

Update door handles and window hardware

Replacing visibly worn or dated handles, hinges and window hardware with modern brushed nickel or chrome adds subtler shine. Ensure hardware suits the existing finish aesthetic - wrought iron, stainless steel, bronze etc. Clean window and door tracks while replacing hardware. Remember that everyone’s going to be looking at doors and windows as they worry about insulation and energy bills. Small upgrades can add that extra layer of reassurance.

Professionally clean carpets and windows

Steam clean carpets and rugs to remove stains and brighten high-traffic walkways. Schedule professional window cleaning ensuring exterior and interior sparkling glass free of smears and debris. Visible dirt and grime are a turnoff. A thorough cleaning impresses buyers.

Coats on hooksAdd coat hooks and organisers

Missing coat hooks or cluttered entryways detract from positive first impressions upon entering. Install hooks, mirrors, and storage benches to neatly stow shoes/outerwear. Bathrooms and bedrooms also benefit from hooks and organisers preventing daily clutter build-up.

Enhance curb appeal on a budget

Keep the lawn mowed, hedges trimmed, leaves raked, and patio swept regularly. Edge walkways and gardens. Wash entry doors and enhance house numbers visibility. Planters with colourful blooms also draw eyes. Curb appeal lifts kerbside interest.

With concerted but affordable fixups, you can elevate your property’s buyer appeal without exhausting time and budget. Simple refinements and sweat equity pay off come time to list.


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