#CommutingSucks – top reasons why London is a great place to live

Posted 17 May 2016 by Helen Christie

If you had the chance to eliminate your daily commute, and were able to walk or cycle to work every day, would you take it?

Delays, strikes, a bit of rain, a bit of sunshine – long commutes can be a nightmare, and it can get pretty tiring, especially as it is something most of us have to do on a daily basis.

WhatHouse? has put together some of our top reasons for why living in London could be the answer – not only could it save you time and money on your commute, but there is so much on offer...


London has the fifth-largest city economy in the world, and according to the most recent Business Register and Employment Survey (October 2015), 414,600 people are employed in the City of London alone – 1.4% of the UK’s total employment.


Late night shopping? Easy. Craft stalls and farmers markets? Look no further. Whether you have a penchant for designer handbags or prefer vintage boutiques, London boasts an impressive and extensive range of shops, department stores and markets.

Arts & Culture

London landmarksLondon is abundant with galleries, theatres, historical buildings and numerous landmarks, and few cities compare with London for the diversity and quality of culture available. World-renowned actors and actresses regularly tread the boards in London’s West End, and some of the greatest existing artwork can be seen in the many galleries around the city.


While Londoners can (on occasion) be heard to complain, the truth is, London has one of the most comprehensive transport systems in the world. The rail and tube network can get you almost anywhere, the extensive bus routes even have some 24 hour buses so you don’t need to worry about getting home, there are designated cycle paths, thousands of taxis and several airports to get you anywhere you need to be.

Food & drink

London is a heaven for foodies. Permanent markets such as Borough Market and Camden Market are home to some of the most incredible food stalls, and there are regular pop-up markets showcasing delicious street food across the capital. London’s multicultural population means that you can find just about every cuisine. For those looking for a drink, you’ll never be short of options - from historic pubs to fancy cocktail bars, you’ll never go hungry or thirsty in London.

Open spaces

Hyde ParkWhile London may seem like a busy concrete jungle, it boasts many beautiful parks and open spaces. It has 11 impressive Royal Parks to visit and other vast open spaces such as Hampstead Heath, which has three huge freshwater swimming ponds, and Kew Gardens which has the world’s largest collection of living plants.


London is a sports-lover’s dream. The 2012 Olympics meant London became home to a vast number of new facilities including the Olympic Stadium, the Aquatics Centre and Lee Valley VeloPark. Annual sporting events in London include the famous London Marathon and the University Boat Race, and London’s football teams are followed around the world.

New homes

With new buildings springing up around the city, shops, office spaces and of course, new homes are provided every year. London boasts a huge number of new homes, plenty of which are available through schemes such as Help to Buy London.

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