#CommutingSucks – Eliminate the hassle of the journey to work with a new home in London

Posted 27 July 2015 by Keith Osborne

Even at the best of times, commuting is a necessary evil – and on a day when one or more routes to work are disrupted by strikes, engineering works or other epic fails beyond your control, it’s far worse than that.

And the chances are, these things don’t happen on just another ordinary day – they usually coincide with major deadlines and unmissable meetings. Most likely, Mother Nature will throw in some extreme weather, too, just to make things even more unpleasant.

So why not think seriously about eliminating all these factors by moving to a home that’s nearer your place of work? That might sound drastic but according to a Which? survey published at the beginning of 2015, rail commuter satisfaction rates are at best only 76% of passengers (Grand Central) and at worst just 43% (Thameslink and Great Northern/First Capital Connect).

That means tens, if not hundreds of thousands of unhappy people travelling to and from London every day thoroughly resenting every moment. Why let yourself be one of them?

Nagesh Rao Duvvuri  and his family moved to Forum House in Wembley from their previous homes in Reading two years ago. It’s now far simpler for his wife Jayasri to travel to work in Bank every day and their six-year-old son can play safely with his friends in the gardens at the gated scheme and there are plenty of shops and amenities close by, such as a library and cinema.

Traffic engineer Paul Bunn was able to use the Shared Ownership scheme at Balmoral House in Croydon, a development from Affinity Sutton that has now sold out. Paul had previously lived in three different rented houses in three years but thanks to Shared Ownership, he was able to buy with a deposit of £16,800 and his combined mortgage and rent is now under £700, some £200 cheaper than the average renter in Croydon. He not only reduced his commuting time, but got on the property ladder too.

Like it or not, many of us spend a high proportion of our time at work and more time on top of that getting there and back. If you think #CommutingSucks, why not take a serious look at how moving closer to work can help you make more of your time your own? We're here to help - search for your ideal home in London now.

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