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West Midlands Developer’s Top Tips On Managing Moving Stress

Posted 6 April 2022 by Keith Osborne

Housing Provider Bromford offers some home-moving advice in honour of Stress Awareness Month...

In honour of Stress Awareness Month this April, leading housing association Bromford has compiled a list of top tips for managing the stress of moving house. Whilst finding the perfect home is incredibly exciting, a study by online estate agents Yopa found that UK homeowners find moving house to be more stressful than having a baby and even getting divorced.

Catherine Jarrett, director of sales and marketing at Bromford, said: “At Bromford, we’re here to help homebuyers in any way we can. We know that moving home in particular can be a stressful time and we hope our top tips can help to ease the process.”

Start the process early

Nothing is more stressful than trying to do everything last minute. Make a start on the work as early as possible, so that you can take your time to plan things. If you’re renting a moving van, book ahead of time so you can be sure your moving date is available. Start packing away items you don’t use day-to-day right away, and get to filling out paperwork as soon as it comes in to avoid letting it pile up.

Ask for help

There is no need to go through the whole process alone. Be sure to ask for help where you need it, whether it be practical or moral support. Rope in friends to help with the heavy items, or even hire professional movers and make sure you have people you can talk to about any moving worries.

Remember what it’s all for

Try to keep in mind that all the work and stress will pay off in the end. Make a list of what you’re looking forward to about living in your new house, and find some fun things you can do in the area once you’re settled in. This will help to motivate you in the times when you’re fed up with the process.

Prioritise sleep

Not getting enough sleep can heighten feelings of stress and anxiety. Whilst it can be tempting to stay up late to finish packing or cleaning, this habit can be detrimental in the long run. Try to create a night-time routine that helps you unwind before bed and set a bedtime that gives you enough time to get the recommended seven to nine hours a night.

Explore relaxation techniques

Taking time out of the day to actively focus on relaxation can be a huge help when it comes to managing stress. Mediation is one of the most popular relaxation techniques, and there are many different types of it to explore. However, it is by no means the only one – some people find painting, puzzles or gardening to be relaxing. Take the time to find out what activities help you to feel calm and set aside parts of your day to enjoy them.


Bromford provides a range of Shared Ownership and outright sale homes across the West Midlands. Shared Ownership gives those who do not currently own a property the chance to secure a new build home with Bromford. Homebuyers pay a mortgage on the share they own and pay rent on the remaining share, meaning a smaller deposit is required.

Find out more about current developments from Bromford in the West Midlands.


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