One third of British adults are stumped by DIY tasks

Posted 18 November 2015 by Keith Osborne

A new survey shows that many of us are not confident about taking on even simple DIY tasks around our homes...

The appeal of maintenance-free new homes has been underlined by a new survey, which has discovered that one third of adults in this country are unable to carry out simple DIY projects.

The survey, by mouldable glue manufacturers Sugru, asked 2,000 adults around the UK about a range of do-it-yourself tasks, such as painting, changing a fuse and hanging up a picture, to find out how competent they believed they were.

Wallpapering topped the list of tasks which would scupper the respondents, with nearly two-in-five saying they would not feel confident about taking it on. A third said putting up shelves was beyond them, while rewiring a plug wasn’t far behind, flummoxing three in ten of those surveyed.

Jane ni Dhulcahointigh, chief executive and inventor of Sugru, has launched a Hands On campaign to show us that some of the complex activities we take on every day with our fingers can be says re-applied to DIY projects.

Fixing a sinkShe says: “We seem to be facing a national crisis, where people don’t realise their own potential to carry out simple DIY tasks. Many of us lack the confidence to even attempt certain practical tasks feeling that they are beyond their capabilities, which simply isn’t the case.

“In a society obsessed with technology, we must ensure we maintain and value practical life skills; otherwise we will be facing a DIY dilemma. ”

The ten least favourite DIY tasks from the Sugru survey, with the percentage of those surveyed who would not take it on:

  • Wallpapering (38%)
  • Putting up shelves (33%)
  • Rewiring a plug (30%)
  • Bleeding a radiator (28%)
  • Changing a fuse (28%)
  • Building flat pack furniture (22%)
  • Unblocking a sink (21%)
  • Painting a room (21%)
  • Fixing a broken handle (20%)
  • Hanging a picture (19%)

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