International Day of Happiness - where are you happiest in your home?

Posted 18 March 2016 by Helen Christie

An exclusive survey of visitors to the website has revealed which room in their home makes them happiest...

Sunday 20 March 2016 is not only the first day of spring; it’s also International Day of Happiness. There are plenty of reasons to be happy on a daily basis, but at WhatHouse?, we wanted to know whereabouts you are happiest when you’re at home.

We conducted an exclusive survey to find out, and here are the results...

Over a third of respondents (34%) said they are happiest when they are in their lounge, and just over a quarter (25.1%) said the bedroom was their favourite spot in the home. Kitchens came in third with 18.8% and spending time in the garden received 7.9%.


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