Find out which celebrity most Brits would like as their housemate

Posted 11 March 2016 by Helen Christie

An exclusive survey of visitors to the website has revealed which celebrity they would most like as a housemate...

At some point or other, most of us have lived with housemates – whether a group of friends, people you’ve met at uni, or complete strangers. Some of them would have been great fun to share a house with, others not so much. Here at WhatHouse?, we were wondering who our readers think would be the ideal celebrity housemate...

With over a third of the vote (33.6%), James Corden was voted the celebrity WhatHouse? readers would most like as a housemate. Holly Willoughby came in second with 19.9% of the vote, closely followed by Adele (17.3%).

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams received just 1.8% of the vote, with the fewest amount of respondents choosing her as their ideal housemate.

Take a look at our infographic  to see the full results of the WhatHouse? survey:  



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