Holding company - the latest vases for your home

Posted 16 May 2016 by Richenda Oldham

WhatHouse? goes in search of some wonderfully quirky and individual vases for this season…

Vases are a great accessory for your home that can bring a room to life and really become a feature piece.


1. Funky handcrafted bamboo vases made from Tiger bamboo, £6 each, www.en.dawanda.com

2. Fabulous white cabbage shaped vase with a beautiful scalloped edge, £15.95, www.miafleur.com

3. Delicate small glass vase featuring hand crafted copper leaves fused with frosty-blue enamels, £39.95, www.iapetus.co.uk

4.This fun contemporary Mobi vase is designed to look like a surfacing whale, but with flowers instead of water being exhaled through his blow hole, £34.95, www.designmyworld.net

5. There is something rather cosy about this charming cable knit vase with its delicately textured 'knitted' effect finish, pale grey vase £11.95, www.melodymaison.co.uk



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