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New Homes: FAQ
Can I see my chosen home before I commit to buy? 
For any property, you're buying off-plan, you will always be given as much information as possible regarding it beforehand. So even if it's not possible to physically see the home, you will have a comprehensive view of what it will be like. This almost always includes the viewing of a show home where you can have an exact idea of what your own home will be like. You will also be able to see floor plans and any additional information asked for by yourself. You can then reserve your chosen property and in certain cases, be able to make additional requests specifically for your own home for things like fixtures and fittings.

You may even be offered financial incentives to purchase the property by the developer, especially the earlier you buy. After all the relevant paperwork and surveys have taken place, it's simply a matter of waiting for the completion date of the new home. 

How do I know what my house will really be like? 
The main way you'll get an idea of what your new home will be like is viewing the show home. It may vary in size, number of bedrooms etc but you will still have a good idea of what you can look forward to regarding your own property. One of the main advantages of buying a new house is that it is going to be your home, a unique property and one you can add individual touches to. It's why buying off-plan can often allow you to work with the builder and make your home the one you want to be from the moment you walk in the door.

Yet, just to make sure you know what you're buying, you'll be looking at the floorplan, similar properties online plus other resources and documentation. You'll be talking to the estate agent as well as the housebuilder, you'll be given every kind of information so you have as clear a picture as possible of what your new home will really be like. 

Can a new home be one that has character? 
Absolutely. When some people think of new homes they can imagine a series of buildings that all look the same. In reality, the design of new houses is at the cutting edge of innovative architecture in the UK. This includes building new houses that are truly unique and have a character all of their own. Many are built within traditional buildings that keep their historic exterior. Every type of building design has been created for new houses giving each new development a character and style that won't be found anywhere else.

It's not just the individual new houses that are striking and full of character. You'll find the surroundings of the new home development in every kind of setting, which itself lends so much personality to each individual home. New house architecture has come a long way in recent years and is developing all the time. Building character into each and every home is something you'll find all the major housebuilders believe is an integral aspect to the work they do. 

How can I find homes that are affordable?
Our website has a comprehensive search facility where you can look for new properties by location, price, type or by properties that qualify for Help to Buy. A home that is available to purchase through Help to Buy will always be clearly marked and have the Help to Buy symbol in the listing. Some homes are available solely through Shared Ownership whilst other will qualify for Help to Buy: Equity Loan or another scheme. We're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised by the range of properties that are affordable to almost every budget.

As every major housebuilder is building new homes, so with each new property development there are usually some, many, or all of properties available through Help to Buy. Depending on the specific criteria of each Help to Buy initiative, whether it's through Shared Ownership, mortgage guarantee or another scheme, you can usually find a new house available to purchase through Help to Buy in almost every property development in every part of the country. 

What is the process of buy-to-let for a new home?
Taking out a buy-to-let mortgage is not that different from taking out a standard residential mortgage. Similarly, taking out a buy-to-let mortgage on a new build home is just about the same as for any other property. Yet, there are one or two more considerations for buy-to-let mortgages which are listed here. 

First of all, you may need a larger deposit. For a residential property you're moving into yourself, you can often find mortgage deals which require just putting down a 5 or 10% deposit. For a buy-to-let mortgage you can be asked for a 25% deposit or even more. At the same time, if you shop around you could get a deal with just a 15% mortgage but, as said, in general be prepared to pay more.

Remember as well that with a buy-to-let mortgage the amount you're allowed to borrow is based on your future rental income forecast rather than your present personal income. You'll also need to have a very good credit history and, usually, own your home. Since a buy-to-let mortgage is seen as a bigger risk than residential mortgages, you can also expect to pay a higher interest rate. Any fees charged as well are normally higher than for other mortgages.

Another consideration when buying a new-build for buy-to-let is knowing if you're allowed to rent the property out once it’s bought. For instance, if you're buying through certain government schemes, it's often a case that the property can't be rented out afterwards. Ask your estate agent or housebuilder when first making enquiries.
New build properties are very popular for buy-to-let since they can command a higher weekly or monthly rent. Hiring a financial advisor or mortgage broker can also be a wise move if this is your first time purchasing a new home for buy-to-let.

Is a new build a good investment? 
A new build property is seen as a good investment by many buyers for a number of reasons. One reason is simply the fact they're completely new. They're built to the latest specifications so are more energy efficient as well as more secure than older properties. The money you can save in the long-term regarding utilities alone such as heating and water immediately make new build properties financially attractive. New builds have also always been a favourite in the buy-to-let market.

With a landlord being able to charge more rent for a new home, it means that any financial spend will be recouped sooner than would be with second-hand homes. New build homes are also in very high demand due to their location or other specific features they have. The price of a new house can rise significantly even before the property has been completed. There are countless other reasons why buying a new home is not just a wise move in itself, but a wise investment that can pay off for you in the future.

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