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Why Rent A Brand New Home?

Posted 11 September 2022

There are many reasons why renting a brand new home is the best option

The rental market may have plenty of choice of properties to consider, but there are many reasons why renting a brand new home is the best option.


The developers who are building the growing range of dedicated rental property are creating their new communities in some of the most convenient and best-served locations in towns and cities across the UK, with everything you need on the doorstep.

Longer tenancy option

At a new Build to Rent development, you’re have the chance create stability in your life by choosing a tenancy period of three years or more.

Straightforward charges

While some private landlords and lettings agencies may charge new tenants extras for things like inventories, at Build to Rent sites, new tenants pay a deposit and rental payment in advance, with no hidden extras.

The latest building standards

Brand new developments are constructed to the very latest standards of quality of materials and energy-efficiency ratings – and with appealing, contemporary, safe and secure architectural design.

Top-quality interior specification

Kitchens and bathrooms which combine style and practicality are not just good to look at – they make the most of the space and are easy to use, and have some of the most highly regarded brands of fittings and appliances.

Furnishing and decoration

Your brand new home will come with a chic, high-quality range of furnishings – all the essential things like kitchen utensils, light fittings and window dressings, as well as more decorative things such as wall art, rugs and lamps.

A wide range of exclusive amenities

These new ‘build to rent’ developments have been designed to offer a host of facilities and services on site which are included in the rent and only for the use of residents. These can include a concierge, gym, gardens and terraces, lounges, co-working space and secure parking and bicycle storage.

Sense of community

It’s not just about the shared amenities – there can be an array of events for neighbours taking place in the communal spaces indoors and outdoors where they can meet to get to know each other and find common interests. A great way to make friends, especially if you are new to the area.

Co-working facilities

These new developments have been designed to incorporate a number of shared spaces and the last couple of years have seen a major surge in home-working – but it doesn’t have to be restricted to sitting alone in your property. Co-working spaces provide a useful buzz as well as an opportunity to make some useful contacts.

High-quality on-site management

Because a new Build to Rent development is dedicated to rental homes and owned by one landlord, there’s a reliable management company looking after the whole site. A 24-hour concierge will provide assistance around the clock and if needed, you’ll be able to call on a maintenance team to come and fix a problem straightaway.


While many landlords forbid tenants from having pets on the premises, these brand new properties see how important a pet companion can be and welcome them.


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