#TuesdayTips – stay cool at night this summer

Posted 7 June 2016 by Helen Christie

During the summer months, getting to sleep in warm weather can be difficult, especially if opening a window isn’t an option due to noise or hay fever allergies…

The bedroom you design for yourself can play a huge part in getting the perfect night’s sleep.

Jonathan Warren, director at Time4Sleep.co.uk, has given WhatHouse? his expert advice on staying cool at night to help people sleep soundly this season:


Keeping cool at night during the summer months is vital for making sure you get those well needed zzzs. Changing your duvet for a lighter one, such as a 4.5 tog, will help keep you cool and comfortable.


If you often find yourself too hot to sleep, consider investing in a mattress, or mattress topper, that has special cooling technology which will help keep your body temperature regulated at night, preventing you from waking up feeling hot and bothered!

Blinds down

Keeping your blinds down and curtains drawn during the day whilst you’re out of the house can also help reduce the temperature of your bedroom, meaning it is nice and cool when you come home in the evening. Before bed, taking a tepid shower can also help you drift off to sleep quicker.

Bed frame

Finally, choose a bed frame made out of wood as these will retain less heat than an upholstered bed. White woods are perfect for creating a relaxing environment.


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