Should you consider buying a bungalow?

Posted 28 June 2016 by Helen Christie

Housebuilder Rippon Homes is encouraging homebuyers to consider a bungalow at The Larches development in Bilsthorpe...

Bungalows are sometimes considered an old-fashioned option designated for the elderly. However, for our commonwealth cousins in New Zealand and Australia, bungalow living is more common and considered more fashionable than two-storey living.

Rippon Homes has seen a significant rise in the demand for new build bungalows across its developments throughout the region.

So why should you consider a bungalow?

No stairs

Having no stairs will positively affect your life in ways you may not have previously considered.

Firstly, the difficulty of transporting furniture or cleaning equipment can be an obstacle for home movers. However, moving into a bungalow means you have no tricky stairs to negotiate – making your house move that much easier.

Having no stairs also make bungalows perfect for wandering children as you will never have to worry about installing a stair gate again. You can live stress free knowing that your little ones have no stairs to tumble down.

Similarly, for homebuyers with mobility difficulties, a bungalow will allow you the freedom of moving around your own home without the added bother of stair lifts.

It’s more spacious

Buying a property all on one level has the advantage of making your home feel more spacious. Being open plan, bungalow plots tend to be larger and naturally feel bigger.

You will have all the advantages of apartment living but with the added bonus of having your own garden.  Bungalows tend to be built on larger plots, meaning bigger gardens and more space generally.

Investing in the future

Bungalows are becoming increasingly fashionable with the younger generations who are looking for spacious home and larger plots. Not many developers are building bungalows so demand is always going to be high for this type of home. All this means that now is a good time to invest. You can say goodbye to the rental trap as your money will be invested into your own property.

Ian Dyke, managing director at Rippon Homes, says: “Bungalows aren’t just for the elderly anymore. We’re seeing a huge increase in young professionals and families wanting to cash in on the benefits of one-level living.

“Bungalows appeal to homebuyers as they offer an easier approach to life with less maintenance and a Rippon bungalow also boasts all the usual benefits that come with a brand new home, not least a contemporary stunning specification built in selected locations.”

Enabling you to enjoy a perfect blend of country and city living, The Larches has easy access to direct transportation links to London and other major cities. You are also conveniently placed to access the shops and other amenities in larger cities such as Nottingham.

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