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Fortitudo in Walkford

New Homes from Fortitudo starting from £675,000
Walkford, Hampshire BH23
From £675,000
Walkford, Hampshire BH23
1 - 3 bedroom properties

About Fortitudo

Breaking new boundaries

At Fortitudo, we work closely with the environmental and town planning specialists at every juncture of our planning journey for each individual property or site we take on, and rightly so.

Design heralds a point in time. No building is built to last forever - maintenance works and advances in systems and technologies make some buildings completely out of date and no longer suitable for their initial purpose. At Fortitudo we test to see if the structure is solid, if so then we renovate and update the interior. Or, if the building as a whole is no longer viable, then we re-design the entire concept and come up with something that works.

When I look to see if a design works, I take into account the people that may have to live or work within the property, the surrounding businesses and overall socio-economic standing of the area.

Whilst you might walk past a building everyday and not wish to see it changed, there may be many faults within its construction that make it unsafe. What if it could be re-built with construction skills that not only make it safe again, but also reflect conscious choices for the environment? Change is a good thing if it’s for the better.

If a commercial property is planned and constructed with care it will benefit its surrounding community and boost local trade. Over the past 35 years I’ve helped to breathe new life into ailing businesses, seen people take their first rung on the property ladder and watched the surrounding areas flourish. I look forward to many more years of the same.

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