#TuesdayTips – Pet owner? How to keep your home flea-free

Posted 9 August 2016 by Helen Christie

As a nation of pet lovers, star of How Clean is Your House, Aggie Mackenzie is on a mission to warn Brits against flea-infested homes, a common issue which increases in the summer months...

Aggie has revealed the shocking statistic that only 5% of fleas live on your pets, with the remaining 95% living in your home, so Aggie has shared her top tips in order to keep your house itch and flea-free:

Treat your pet for fleas regularly

Use a good shampoo with a flea comb, flea tablet or spot on treatment. If you think your pet may have fleas, then make an appointment with the vet in case their current medication isn't working for them.

Wash your pet's bedding

Use a flea prevention spray or powder when washing your pets bedding to kill fleas and eggs. Make sure to wash your pet’s crate and toys in hot water weekly to kill flea eggs and larvae.

Vacuum everywhere to treat the fibres

Having fleas and ticks in your house doesn't mean your home is dirty. But if you pay careful attention to certain areas, you can make pests less welcome. The tree stages of immature fleas (flea eggs, larvae, and pupae) often live in carpeting or throw rugs, so vacuum at least once a week, and more often if you spot fleas.

Remember to hoover the skirting boards and the curtains. When you hoover, don't just whizz the vacuum around the centre of the room. Make sure you focus your attention on furniture, under cushions, and anywhere your pets sleep or spend time.

Change vacuum bags frequently, or place a flea collar in the bag to kill emerging fleas. If your pet rides in your car, vacuum your car, too.

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