#TuesdayTips - how to make your bathroom gleam 

Posted 3 May 2016 by Helen Christie

A new survey has revealed that almost a quarter of us (23%) clean our bathroom less than once a week – what will the guests think?

Online bathroom accessories retailer, Pebble Grey, has conducted research looking into our bathroom habits, and found out that we are not as squeaky clean as we would like to believe.

Based on the findings, Helena Linsky, director of Pebble Grey, shares some quick and easy tips for homeowners to keep their bathroom gremlins at bay and eliminate embarrassment:

Make your mirrors sparkle 

A dirty mirror isn’t a good idea when applying makeup and smear marks are also annoying and look grubby. A simple and effective way to get your mirrors clean is to add a one part white wine vinegar and one part water to a spray bottle, spritz over the mirror then easily wipe away with a lint free cloth. Let your mirrors shine!

Bleach is your best friend

Bleach works as a multi-purpose cleaner. Not only will it remove dirt and residue, it will power on through killing germs by disinfecting surfaces, so make sure you always keep a bottle handy.

It can also work to brighten white surfaces, which is great if you’ve got a bright white bathroom suite. Water and bleach are a much more budget friendly cleanser than other bathroom specific sprays which aim to eliminate mould and bacteria. First impressions are everything so not only will a quick wipe around the sink, shower and bath be pleasing to the eye, it will also add a fresh scent and get rid of those lurking germs.

With 35% of us washing our hair every single day, making sure the plughole is free of hair is vital to minimise blockages and water build up and will give you peace of mind from having to complete emergency plumbing.

Always have a spare towel

Shockingly, one in ten have confessed that they change their towels only once a week, and you can never be sure that you’re the only one who has used that towel.

There’s nothing worse than going to dry your hands and grabbing an already damp towel, so a clean, dry hand towel should always be on stand-by. Hand towels should be changed at least twice a week as they are the most frequently used and can accumulate a number of nasty germs. 

We were surprised that almost a third of people change their bathroom mats less than once a month, therefore it’s also best to keep at least two bathroom mats. If you’ve just got out of the shower and your current mat is dirty and damp then quickly throw that one in the washing machine and use the one you have in reserve.

Soap is a must but not served in a dish

Although almost a quarter of those surveyed admitted they didn’t always wash their hands after visiting the bathroom, hand wash should always be available for guests to use. Using a liquid soap hand wash with a pump is much more effective and hygienic than keeping a bar of soap in a dish at the side of the sink as germs will collect and grow. Fresh smelling scents with 99.9% antibacterial washes are the best available type, and stay away from strong overpowering scents.


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