#TuesdayTips - find your domestic inner calm

Posted 9 February 2016 by Helen Christie

The latest study conducted by tile specialist Topps Tiles discovered that one in five UK adults spend less than five hours relaxing every week...

With the New Year upon us, many people are struggling to recover from the festive period and are adapting to everyday life in January.

Based upon the findings of the study, Sian O’Neill, head of online at Topps Tiles shares her tips for relaxing and making your home feel like the sanctuary you deserve.

Find a space of your own

It’s difficult to achieve ‘me-time’ when you don’t have a designated place in your home where you can escape from the world. Nearly a fifth (19%) of UK adults feel they don’t have a space in their home where they can indulge in some ‘me-time’, despite the fact that 21% of people surveyed said they have a space in their home that isn’t used for anything in particular.If you’re one of these people, take that unused space - no matter how big or small it may be, and dedicate the decor to relaxation - use pale colours, calm scents and soft fabrics.

Take up a new indoor activity

Once you’ve found the space in your home to chill, it’s time to take up a relaxing new indoor hobby. When asked what we do to relax, 63% would choose to watch TV to relax, with just under half (49%) taking a bath and 47% reading a good book.But how about mixing up your means of relaxation? Challenge yourself to learn new recipes in the kitchen, take up a spot of knitting or embrace the healing powers of meditation. Ensuring the ways in which you relax are varied keeps your mind fresh, and helps to prevent you from falling into old routines that can cause stress and anxiety.

Colour is key

Incorporate blue and white into your bathroomIn order to create the ultimate domestic island of tranquillity, having the right colour scheme is essential. A third of the nation find white and cream to be the most relaxing colours in the home, with 19% believing blue to be the best shade to aid winding down. Peaceful colours such as white and light blues cause our bodies to release calming chemicals, helping us to de-clutter our minds and relax. However, before you reach for the paint brush to turn your entire home white, make sure you mix up these chill out colours. For example, incorporating blue and white into your bathroom decor will emulate the serenity of being by the sea or looking up at the sky.

Keep it tidy

Ever had your relaxing soak in the bath disturbed by the sight of a mounting pile of washing in the corner, or your children’s bath toys strewn across the floor? The key to enduring relaxation in your home is to make sure your chill out space is tidy.

Dedicate a short amount of time each week to maintaining your relaxation space. Take half an hour to give your bathroom or kitchen haven a good scrub, and treat yourself to some relaxing accessories such as a new candle, bubble bath or even a bunch of flowers.

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