#TuesdayTips – dressing your home to sell

Posted 15 December 2015 by Keith Osborne

Making the home you are selling as appealing to buyers as possible is one of the keys to a straightforward property move...

While your focus might be on buying a new home, it’s really important that you don’t forget the equally important priority of selling your existing one , making sure you do the most you can to find a buyer quickly and to get the best possible price for your existing home.

To do this, you’ll have to do more than just give the place a quick clean and put the coffee on. Remember that for some buyers, there will be a direct comparison between the professionally designed show home of a brand new property and your lived-in abode. If you want your home to stand up to scrutiny, you’ll need to put in some effort.

Even the most house-proud owners will have to roll up their sleeves and work hard to achieve the best results. One of the most difficult aspects of this is to be objective – to remove your personal feelings and look at everything through the eyes of someone who hasn’t seen your home before. What will they be looking at and how can you make every corner of your home as appealing as possible?

The Redrow Homes team has come up with their top five ways to make sure you dress your home to sell in the best possible way...

Define your rooms

Rooms are more appealing to buyers if they have a specific purpose. Make sure each room is set for its designated purpose – if it’s a three-bedroom house make sure it is just that, as bedrooms add more value to properties than studies or store rooms.

De-clutter and clean

Decluttered roomClutter can make your home seem small and disorganised, so de-cluttering will help buyers to visualise how the house will look when they’ve moved in. Minimise lotions and potions in the bathroom, put excess clothes away, thin out books on the bookcase and clear surfaces in the kitchen. Then it’s time to give everything a thorough clean and light some scented candles to make your home even more inviting.

Natural colours

Most buyers prefer natural colours to bold tones as they can make a room feel brighter and more spacious. Splashes of colour can be added with accessories and the right lighting can also help to enhance the space.

Make an impression

First impressions really do count. You can maximise your home’s kerb appeal by making sure there is no litter in the front garden, pathways are clear and the front door is painted. Plant pots can add a splash of colour and you can always take them with you when you go. The hallway is equally important – a mirror can make it look bigger and create that wow-factor as people cross the threshold.

Do those DIY jobs

If there are DIY jobs that you’ve been putting off for ages, start working your way through them. Dripping taps, broken blinds, peeling paint and squeaky hinges are all off-putting to buyers and can be fixed quickly and easily.

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